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  1. General rule of thumb is CR is more expensive than other countries in Central America, but 20-30% less expensive than living in the USA (ofc dependent on which part of USA you compare)

  2. I left Denver (Tennyson Street) last year. Now I have two places in Costa Rica (one beach, one city) for cheaper than I was paying in Denver.

  3. Yeah I think it might be time to fuck off. Like, me personally. Off to Costa Rica. I’ve essentially just been completely shut in for the last 8 months getting my Kickstarter off the ground, and now with its success it’s more than reasonable to reduce my cost of living while also boosting my quality of life.

  4. Did you know you have rights? The constitution says you do, but you’re living on the wrong planet for that. Do you have any organs you aren’t particularly attached to?

  5. Wear one of those spiky vests you put on small dogs so they aren’t carried off by birds of prey

  6. in some countries being dark black is looked down on so they will bleach their skin to achieve a lighter complexion. the demographic this is marketed to is probably the type of people im talking about

  7. In Thailand it can be hard to find soap without bleach agents in it at local convenient stores

  8. I wanna see the field settings for the fly particles

  9. Dammit Noah Jr, You were supposed to get a pride of lions, not the pride parade lions.

  10. that looks and sounds amazing!

  11. The secret is to wrap it vertically first then horizontally so as the meat shrinks everything gets sealed inside!

  12. Found next to a river in a Costa Rican jungle

  13. That you don’t know enough about trading to literally bet your money on it

  14. plays the game for countless hours getting an insane achievement that requires an unbelievable amount of dedication.

  15. Do you like to play league of legends? No? You get to play league of legends.

  16. That's most hunting animals. In the wild, one small scratch can become infected and kill them. They don't take risks unless they feel threatened or are absolutely starving.

  17. One time when the zoo was closing when I was a child I bowed my arms and legs, made eye contact with a cheetah, and side hopped along side the enclosure, and the cheetah got up and started sprinting towards me and I super duper felt like prey

  18. I’m happier completely alone in the jungle than I am living the “American dream” in the city.

  19. Add stretch and smear frames! Your animation is on point, with the frame rate it’d flow really well

  20. I spent two months in the puntaneras province (where quepos is.) I’m sorry this happened to you, sounds like you got rather unlucky. It’s a beautiful area and I spent a lot of time at night, alone. Did some trekking through the cloud forest just east of the area, which isn’t really touristy and felt a lot safer. One thing I did was carry a secondary separate wallet with a small amount of cash and kept my card and cash in my shoes. If ever approached the plan was just to surrender the decoy wallet.

  21. Where in puntarenas? I passed through it while connecting to other busses and it was quite nice. Only reason I didn’t stay there is because I don’t think there’s a single hostel p

  22. I wish I recorded more audio from the area, I’d love to sleep to it

  23. Ya, I hiked up to the Santa Juana lodge. I had a report with the owner and managed to get it down to $60 a night in the off season. Still expensive, but it was so isolated that I felt completely comfortable doing some night hiking. Only two spooky things happened, there were these ghostly

  24. Having worked in hiring for 3D art I can tell you there are absolutely people sending Pixar portfolios/demo reels that contain smut.

  25. My animation skills are better than my 3D modeling skills but you can bet my portfolio contains entirely 3D models.

  26. I burnt out when it was time for the giant fight. Learned a month later that I needed to break his ankle guard with no indication that was needed. Also didn’t know I was supposed to roll through his shield slam attack instead of trying to ride out of its range, as the roll i frames would just let you clip through the entire attack.

  27. Does this doggo need his anal glands expressed? Looks like he's got a raw butt from scooting..?

  28. She has allergies, she gets somewhat raw the day after a big hike. I immediately rinse her afterwords and put on doggy moisturizer, but she’s still a bit tender for a day or two.

  29. Man, I never got into "gaming the system" in games , just seems to ruin the fun. Some people are all about it and its all of their fun.

  30. Oh, I only do it so my colonists don’t spend 72 restless hours roping hundreds of ducklings and have extreme mental breaks because they single mindedly do nothing but rope ducklings to a single caravan spot. I’ve lost a colony because of the stupid amount of time it takes to rope a high volume of animals

  31. Yucky! Will neem oil clean them up? I happen to have a few gallons

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