1. Are any of these targets SMART-based, in the sense that your sergeant has written up specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound aims?

  2. The main one is that affray is victimless. For affray you just need violent behaviour that's likely to make regular folk fear for their safety, you don't need to prove injuries and you don't need the recipient of said violence to stand up in court and talk about it.

  3. Exactly this. Comes in handy when members of opposing gangs have been stabbing each other, as usually not a single one of them is going to speak to police, let alone consent to medical records being released, or tell us who the other party was.

  4. Like an endearingly cack-handed smart water at range. I like it.

  5. I think we can likely manage the balls component of the classic cock'n'balls, but I think you overestimate our artistic skills/precision.

  6. Yeah I can totally imagine that being a thing, it’s very understandable. The respect needs to go both ways though. I have huge admiration for uniforms, I would absolutely not do that job for any sum of money. Like people have said, people have different skills. The cops who want to run and jump and climb trees famously hate paperwork whereas I want to take the jobs they’ve started and get the casework done on them which I know I’ll be great at based on the skills I do have.

  7. "The cops who want to run and jump and climb trees famously hate paperwork"

  8. What is the polices attitude to Ex Forces with either Discharge or Service No Longer Required?

  9. The MH - not necessarily; would depend on the detail, how long ago, current situation (none of which you should share on here) - it would likely be a discussion with the OH team during your recruitment.

  10. Vetting question, may as well use this account again now that I've checked it again.

  11. You're asked to list any social media accounts you have, including ones that aren't easily linked to you.

  12. Yeah I understand what you're saying it is immature of me to say that stuff. I'm really in two minds of pursuing a career in the police as I really don't know where it will take me and as you said certain roles can take 10 years or more whereas something such as the RAF within those 10 years a lot more would have happened

  13. If you think nothing happens in policing roles unless you've got a gun then the job probably isn't for you.

  14. Do you mean anything I say in the counselling sessions (and I'm assuming that's what it will be) will be reported back to my line manager? Seems a bit shady.

  15. No, just the fact that OH have recommended counselling and a summary of the health issue, not what's discussed in counselling.

  16. We’ve been contacting him every week & I filed an official complaint against him last week - they’ve said the earliest they can get it repaired is 03/01/23 -_-

  17. Your housing manager is passing the buck. If he simply got the door sorted - and he can absolutely get it sorted sooner for a bit more money - it would solve the root cause of the problem. Instead, he's leaving the premises insecure and trying to get you to phone police as some kind of security service.

  18. I have a loose plan. I've had a few bumps in the road, but I've just moved to what I've had planned as my next step, and I'm teeing up the more specialised one after that. Also planning in promotion along the way.

  19. I have children myself but I had them knowing that I could manage that shift pattern at the time. I probably wouldn't of had of them unless I changed roles and it had a different shift pattern that suited me having children.

  20. So if you hit the age where you'd like to have children, and you want to move to a role with a better shift pattern, and the job says no to such a move, surely you don't just go "ah well, I guess we won't have children then"?

  21. Yeah but this chap had kids before he joined and now says he can't do the shift pattern due to him having kids. Not really sure what your issue is 🤷

  22. You started off by implying he shouldn't have had kids whilst on response, and are now twisting it to say he shouldn't have joined the job with kids, essentially. The OP can't seem to win in your view.

  23. A little more time, but it's much more comfortable across a shift when you aren't pulling your trousers up all the time or tucking your shirt back in where it's ridden out

  24. I think you will have to keep at it and practice so you improve, especially if your tutors have given this feedback to you.

  25. I may be very naive but I’m extremely proud to be working in a profession that I’ve put my literal blood, sweat, tears and time into getting in. I don’t associate with anyone who’s ACAB this, fuck the feds that so 90% of the time I’m completely happy telling them what I do and talking about it. There’s also your own discretion as to when it might be a bad idea to tell someone.

  26. It's more random people in shops, friends of friends at parties, and at the barber where you want to deploy the 10% sometimes.

  27. Of course you can lie if you're off duty. You've got a right to privacy, and you need to keep yourself secure - we're not universally popular after all. Gone are the days of wearing your uniform 24/7 with an armband to indicate whether you're on duty or not.

  28. Thanks so much, this is exactly what I needed! So if the CPS agrees a charge, is that the end of my involvement?? Also, this suspect is disabled with back problem and lots of medication, so last time he went to custody they wanted him GONE asap… does that mean less likely to remand , etc ????

  29. "So if the CPS agrees a charge, is that the end of my involvement??"

  30. Like being kicked up stairs? Like when disney made George lucas the ceremonial creative consultant of star wars

  31. Not to be a spoilsport, but I'm not sure giving death messages is a topic of great humour for me. It's generally pretty harrowing.

  32. Received. But if the allegation is the ‘suspect’ called the ‘victim’ a slag over a dispute over washing? Job of those ilk aren’t really allegations of DA, they’re the ‘victim’ trying to one up the ‘suspect’ by calling the police.

  33. Or it's the 32nd time and that's all the victim feels they're able to tell you at this time.

  34. But what is the answer to all the dash questions are ‘no’. Anyway?

  35. Well, to start with, you should be capturing more detail than yes or no.

  36. Then why say you're prosecuting? You're trying to defend the officer here, rather than looking at the bigger picture which is potential honesty.

  37. Because I know about all the steps between me telling you I'm reporting you for an offence and your receiving a ticket, and the many things that could go wrong.

  38. There's a fair disparity between a dash reading of 35, and an alleged 55. Assuming the OP is telling the truth, given no summons has appeared, I'd say it does sound like the officer was fishing.

  39. Or the equipment malfunctioned which is why no ticket has been issued.

  40. How quickly would the CPS normally respond? We were told there would be NFA while me, the other witnesses and the victim were still in the station after giving statements. It was within a couple of hours of reporting it and late-ish in the evening.

  41. We can only hold suspects for 24 hours initially and would normally try to obtain a charge from CPS within that time, so it could be that quick.

  42. You've got the double whammy of shifts and learning a new, difficult job. New jobs are always exhausting, and most aren't as bonkers as ours. It will get easier as you adjust to the job a little, so that newness doesn't take so much energy, and you'll work out what works for you in terms of shifts.

  43. Brilliant place. Physios are great. A lot of free time though to chill out. I had 3 physio classes/sessions a day including hydrotherapy which was good. I went over the summer so lived in shorts and T shirt so there’s no dress code to speak of.

  44. Has anyone else told you your work isn't up to par, or is this just how you're feeling? The ones that are truly doing terribly tend not to realise and be over-confident if anything.

  45. I heard of situation where suspect was extremely alcohol independent and it was detailed in his custody care plan that he could have 1 beer every hour and 2 beers before interview

  46. I very much doubt that this happened, or happened after the introduction of PACE in 1984. We couldn't administer alcohol to someone in our care.

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