1. To be honest I was expecting it to come way earlier

  2. Not even once, could you even consider Makima a person?

  3. The one advantage Mika could really have is his aggression, and that’s worthless against pilots like amuro, who’s just as vicious in combat

  4. I can only picture the barbatos charging straight towards the Nu Gundam before being beat into a pulp by Amuro.

  5. There had to be SOME malicious intent from when he got run over by Tachibana lol

  6. Shouldn't it be 良くになれ yoku ni nare? Narimasu is formal present tense, not imperative, is it not?

  7. well the meme at least is implying it's less the time taken and more the number of actions needed

  8. The only one in Reiwa that I can think of that fits is Aruto since, y’know, the whole dance thing he does.

  9. I'm gonna be on the lookout for skeleton men and spiders in jumpsuits from now on.

  10. It’s the creepily laughing women in leotards you should be looking out for, a dangerous trap I know

  11. I love it but I don't love they got rid of the running spin slash it used to have.

  12. Doesn’t it still have that? I remember them turning the running spin into a running r2

  13. I don't think it existed in the form I am thinking of outside DS1, I remember being disappointed in DS3's moveset and I'm sure that ER doesn't have the slash.

  14. Yeah, it has that. It’s the running r2 on most two handers. Or at least on the claymore, I remember seeing the spin slash on the DMGS on a video but check me if I’m wrong

  15. Fucking same holy shit, why is it so small!?

  16. There is the second vote. Which one will be on the third round ?

  17. Please start linking your voting posts on a pinned comment on the last results page for visibility

  18. I somehow can’t pin any comments, that’s why it hasn’t been done

  19. You could at least put it in somewhere. Maybe a reply at the top comment to make sure.

  20. It’s a funny image to imagine an army of spirit ashes, Tiny Ranni, Melina and Torrent all watching the Tarnished do stupid things and get rekt by the bosses.

  21. I like that most if not all of them are like wallmart versions of Miorine personality wise

  22. If it’s a girlfriend poll why the hell is Melusine not in it? And why was there two valkyries?

  23. From what I can gather from other posts, some characters were banned for potentially rabid fan-base after the previous poll blew up due to rabid fan-base.

  24. Some characters were banned so they just split the same character multiple times? Weird.

  25. I’d also like to give props towards Geats choreography, becoming almost like a mix of classic showa style due to all the flips and jumping along with the scarf with DMC style weapon switching and gun-kata.

  26. They were too busy thinking if they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should…

  27. Nice! The added black and gold really make the design look more complete and less naked compared to the previous version.

  28. I watched all of Ghost, and I seriously have no memory of any bike shots or battles; those must have been confined to the first half cause I don't remember him using the bike at all after acquiring Grateful form.

  29. They are trying to make it work, shit has become increasingly expensive and the fact that they’re still shoving bike action in (even though they’re cg) is a sign of passion. They WANT to put it in, and you can see it, but it’s just too hard. Fuck, Black Sun is a short series with a ton of budget into it but it could only pull off the op remake with next to no bike action.

  30. Well, that's more the product of that show being a political drama and them not carrying Battle Hopper's sentience from the original series.

  31. I legitimately don’t understand the point about how Black Sun being a political drama has a part on how little bike action there was when the original black had some of the best in the series, also BS still had giant bug men fly around kicking other giant bug men with fancy footwork and arm waving henshin poses that literally take half a minute with zero explanation on why in series.

  32. I think that’s just props to voice actor Sam Riegel for channeling Teddie’s character; not sure if the OG Japanese voice actor does that too!

  33. Japanese voice is cute instead, he just sounds like a baby

  34. I mean I could, but I'd prefer nicknames based on seasons I actually watched and liked, and I'm a plebian Heisei and Reiwa enjoyer.

  35. Why not call him after the auto vajin? Both are futuristic too

  36. The filmmaking is quite bad in places, especially toward the beginning, but that just adds to the charm. Every monster-of-the-week exploding at the end of the episode is my favourite part.

  37. I felt like the camera work was most inventive and interesting during the first 13 episodes, they were also the ones with the least amount of explosions too.

  38. The first episode especially had a lot of great use of shadows. It was surprising to me that they kept the Spiderman mostly enshrouded in darkness for the entire episode almost right up until the fight at the end. Plus, the camera view from Hongo's perspective as the Shocker scientists modify him, visually showing his own disorientation to the audience is a legitimate great shot. For the time it was made and the budget they had, they did a good job at setting up Shocker as being legitimately threatening as a hidden Nazi society that could attack from anywhere.

  39. I also liked how they sometimes shot rider as a monster as well at times, really goes to show that a lot of what we expect from rider really did came from the start

  40. What gets me is the sheer,highly detailed horror on Senpai's face.

  41. That classic newgrounds artstyle is wonderful

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