1. The people of Arizona didn't vote for this. She should be subject to a recall election.

  2. That would be an interesting law to try to pass. If a senator or congressman or govenor (or any elected official) switches parties or goes independent, that should by law trigger a special election. I know the bernie retort (he's an independent than democrat then independent), but Vermont could and would vote for him again. The governor of west Virginia Jim Justice was elected as a democrat them switched to gop. Arlen spector Pennsylvania senator was first elected as a republican then at the very end of his career became a democrat. There were countless southern democrats that did the switch to the gop throughout the 80s and 90s and early 2000s. To me, it seems that if you are voting, you vote for the person and the party affiliation (values policy etc) so if the person dies, then you obviously have an appointment or special election. Now think of a party switch or independent switch that is betrayal of what the voters thought they were getting a values death in a sense. So I think that could be an interesting law to try to pass.

  3. Bernie never ran as a Democrat though. This lady ran as a liberal Democrat then became a right wing Democrat now independent while in office. That is not how democracy is supposed to work.

  4. I don't know what is far right or far left about it. Max seems likes some liberal from the 1980s but even that is too critical for the establishment to handle these days.

  5. Some legacy chuds where at Rad Rumble yesterday. I camped the hallways on one side and prevented them from getting any kills on that side. They were salty af. This is what we have to do if Bethesda is not going to ban them.

  6. A lot. The comment sections of the big political and news boards are way different than they used to be. I know I have banned from all the major ones.

  7. Well, the only thing we know for sure is that we don't know crap.

  8. I think only one major newspaper endorsed Trump in 2016.

  9. I heard it is funded by a Jewish oligarch.

  10. Can a Jew be a Nazi? Better to call him a fascist. smh @ the capitalist destruction in Ukraine.

  11. Why would you think a Jew can't be a Nazi? The only difference between a Fascist and a Nazi is the racial element of Nazi ideology, and that is present in both Israel and Ukraine.

  12. Yea but it is a pretty big difference. I actually knew a Jew who had the SS bolts tattoed on his arm. He was a scout sniper in the USMC. Apparently they have adopted this as their logo. smh at the US military using Nazi symbols.

  13. Perhaps but ignoring politics is probably worse. lol @ NES games. Any eighties kid would recognize those.

  14. Don't tell anyone but I don't actually have an NES anymore ;P

  15. Yeah, me neither. Some little cousin or something probably got it decades ago.

  16. Who is us? Americans and Australians? I doubt it.

  17. It happened to me yesterday when some assholes crashed my game by using two shot fatmen on the new Jabba da Molerat boss fight. When I logged back in some of my cards were unequipped. My rank three of expert commando was actually missing and a rank three expert rifleman was in it's place. I restarted my console and it corrected itself though.

  18. I have a legacy Vamp gat plasma I use to tag enemies and honestly I feel like it does less server damage than a mirv fat man. But yeah the people with AA legacy gat plasmas one shoting the queen are super annoying.

  19. I don't know but my cards came off again today. It was after I fast traveled away from the boss fight this time though. The same thing probably happened yesterday and I just didn't notice.

  20. Hopefully they go back to socialism together and rename St. Petersburg to Leningrad. Make Russia great again.

  21. How can taking care of those at the bottom of the barrel not be relevant when that was exactly what labor organizers and others did in America including the Black Panther Party who had ties to China and Russia and especially North Korea?

  22. We can do that without adopting a Chinese style government.

  23. No one said to adopt their style government.

  24. I suspect the USSR got some of them too. Probably helped them do space travel and nukes. Somebody here has to know.

  25. Soviet my ass. This man was an arms dealer for crapitalist Russia.

  26. Sounds like this lady above thinks Ukraine would be better off to let Russia take over. She's assuming Ukraine will get the "third world" treatment with these loans but I sincerely doubt that. The "proxy war" looks more like two countries directly in a conflict with one having backing. The alignment with Russia was more forced and artificial than the one looking West. It's very annoying seeing the pro "let Russia win" crowd is still acting like they are heroes. Also, they are losing badly, and it's only a matter of time before more of this narrative falls apart -- and is even obvious to the people getting their news from Russia Today.

  27. I doubt Russia will be able to defeat the combined military might of NATO but they are unlikely to be a dependent on other countries when they lose this war. Russia is a very strong country. It is food independent, has tons of oil, gas, minerals, and is strong in science and technology too. Russians are more fortunate than most people on earth and will continue to be. People are too hypobolic these days with this capitalist war propaganda.

  28. Between American, European, Ukrainian and Russian capitalists. This is why people can get away with calling Clare a Kremlin puppet. If it is only half the truth it ain't true. People on the left need to blame capitalism in general for this disaster and not just certain capitalist governments. It is hard to stand tall against all capitalists at the same time but we must if we are to escape this slave cage. Now you know communist truth.

  29. Russia was socialist back then. He would probably like contemporary Russia better.

  30. Good thing for them that the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all massive food exporters.

  31. Time for a wildcat strike. I assure you that they will give in to their demands if they do.

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