Dress I made for Pride!

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  1. I've used 2-3 new-ish irons recently and they ALL have that melting plastic smell! Mine is from 2017 and has seen a fair bit of use; the smell is still as potent as the day I first plugged it in. I'd love to buy another to escape the smell, but I fear I'd go broke before I found an iron that was both affordable and unscented!

  2. No way, I was so confused looking at this, I've never seen something like it before. That's so cool!

  3. Thanks it was a lot of fun to make. I thought about making another but cutting out two leg holes and making it into a baby carrier/sling. Thought it would be adorable to see a baby’s bald head sticking out at top. What do you think?

  4. I actually think you might be a genius!

  5. First pic looked green at first and I loved it. Maybe try a lighter green in a similar tone to the existing yellow??

  6. I adore this both ways. Not sure how else to describe it, but you look so powerful in this dress - it is perfect on you.

  7. I've been dialling back my Twitter use, but I saw you post this the other day and I've not stopped thinking about it! This is absolutley magnificent!

  8. Ooh, C is fantastic. I'm not usually a fan of browns, but this is so warm and comforting. I can just imagine all of the colours you could use while decorating to make the room feel cozier or more festive, when that season rolls around.

  9. She's adorable - you did a fabulous job!

  10. Let him DJ the school dance! It'll be hardcore!

  11. It was kind of the same in MTL. Lean shows I've been to before had a relatively chill audience (at least pre-show), that skewed older than me. This time, though, the crowd was teens about 10 years younger, conspicuously taking drugs, acting hard as fuck, and weirdly enough knowing literally nothing about the artist they came to see. Good chunk of them had some weird "I'm the main character" attitude too (but I guess that's just their age). All this to say, holy shit I hated the crowd lmao.

  12. Honestly, take what you know about patterns and try your hand at making a bunch of downscalrd mockups in fabric, or even paper. Keep in mind there's probably wiring involved, too.

  13. I'm rarely a fan of portrait tattoos, but this is a beautiful piece. Can I ask who did it?

  14. In case it's true, I've started doing odd jobs and signing up for paid experiments through universities to finish my collection. I don't know if it is happening, but everything else I have ever loved has seen cancellation like this - W.i.t.c.h. has had a tragic record for this (I remember the Disney dolls barely lasting any time at all before discontinuation) - so I am unwilling to take the risk.

  15. You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time to update me - thank you so much!

  16. You are right I just love the way velvet sits and feels. I'm not sure my sewing skills would be up to the task though.

  17. Slap that velvet between tissue paper, it'll help with the slippage - velvet would be gorgeous! Take a stab at it!

  18. Start saving, then. This isn't an emergency.

  19. The apron looks cute on him! You did a stellar job, and the chicken print is so sweet!

  20. Reminds me of McCalls M7862, but with an elastic stitched onto the waist... Do you think that's close to what you want? Or was there a specific "similar" you were imagining?

  21. You might like Hoover, Afghanistan... Most things off of the album Warlord, I think.

  22. Even on my first read through that Irma is drawn a little heavier than the other Guardians - except for when she's in Guardian form. Her limbs aren't as thin, her midsection carries a bit more thickness, her face is a bit rounder in the cheek, heavier in the chest. Her style of dressing tends to lean more towards what other girls of a similar body type would wear, when the comics came out. She also has more overall curve than the other girls, which at her age, that means she's a bit thicker/chubbier.

  23. Oh my God my first pattern was a Burda. I sewed, seam ripped, etc, over and over for a month, crying over the damned project - only to realize that Burda assumes you know a LOT more than you actually know. They're challenging, not at all beginner friendly.

  24. You should be able to buy it from your US account and gift it to your UK? [email protected] can be so, so stupid...

  25. Not an expert by any means here, but have you tried flipping the bobbin direction?

  26. Oh God this is so, so, so cute!! I hope you're proud, you did a fabulous job! Happy pride!

  27. Omg, I could easily see this being one of the two front halves on a button up... This is lovely!

  28. No?? I offered to trade mine for a small but I have never sold this one before

  29. Oh, okay, word! Understandable. There was a poster who was charging $500 USD (iirc) for the jacket a while ago,

  30. Yea I just want to make back the money I paid for it. I don't really care about the profit of it. Kinda worried how much shipping will cost though, its a pretty heavy jacket actually...

  31. Within Canada it's not TOO bad. I mailed a pair of Docs to Quebéc a year or two back for maybe $15-ish in shipping, and they were pretty heavy. Sending anything to the states is far more expensive though.

  32. I haven't really been able to find the books? Maybe I'm dumb...

  33. You are not dumb, the books are not that well marketed. You can go to the website of YenPress. If you select a book, you will see on its pages a few sellers listed. That is mostly US focused, but Amazon sells them and ships worldwide for example. Some local bookshops in several countries also sell them online.

  34. Oh my God, you're my hero Thank you!!!

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