1. was 8 when he made his angels debut and i’m about to be 20 in a month and i’ve seen this man make one playoff 😭

  2. What brand is the banana? How many rounds through it? Malfunctions? Recommendations for holsters?

  3. It seems as if this sub has been waiting for this exact moment.

  4. Nice shooting brother man. Next time let me see a close up on the rig you’re running before you start power-tapping targets haha

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/canik/comments/103nuk1/my_first_canik/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  6. Heck yeah! Personal opinion, the looks of a tp9sfx is one of my top favorites of all the Canik models.

  7. I was between this one and a sig P320 and decided on the Canik when I held them both. And the price difference didn’t hurt.

  8. Yay. Pissing off the ATF isn’t good. Especially if you own any dogs.

  9. The football because it's the only one that hasn't brought us a championship.

  10. If you don't you are most certainly going to have a WTF moment, why will this not go back together??????????????????????????????? Once you get it in its proper place all will be as it should..................................Don't ask me how I know😂😂.

  11. My first time breaking mine down I thought I ruined my brand new pistol. 😂

  12. ooc: no lie this is one of favorite guns to hunt with. Stupid reliable and accurate as hell.


  14. I accept but would like to see a rifle light that is all

  15. What about strongmen lifting stones? Their backs round like that. Is that a lift just asking for injury? I’ve seen more guys tear biceps doing than hurting their backs. And what about Jefferson curls and the people who do that and their backs are just fine?

  16. This was my first day trying these and while I was working up to this I definitely was thinking of things like stones. Personally I really felt like something like this has really good transfer to how I might pick up heavy things in real life; that portable air conditioner that I have to bring downstairs for the winter doesn't have nice parallel handles like a conventional deadlift, I bend down and pick it up just like this

  17. I don’t disagree at all. I think it will help tremendously with all those things. You’re doing good work and strong doing that zercher deadlift. People just get scared of anything they’ve been told is bad by a high school strength coach or any of the many fear mongering fitness influencers

  18. AJ1K says:

    Agreed. College desks specifically

  19. With a good mix of cardio and strength training. No point in being able to ruck 15 miles if you can’t pick up and carry a buddy who’s been hurt. IMO

  20. Or vice versa. Meatheads love to stroke their egos by lifting, but heaven forbid they run a couple miles at an incline.

  21. Same here! it’s seen many a upgrades in the years since.. but I think I’ll rock this delton lower forever lmao it’s got sentimental value at this point

  22. Rolling 190+ down your stomach isn’t fun. Been there a few times. I work out at home and same deal.

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