1. Kevin Smith. When he made "Clerks" he maxed out his credit cards, he shot in black and white because it was less expensive (at the time) and the Mini Stop that he shot the movie in was actually a place that he had worked at. He also shot at night while the place was closed, with permission from the owner. That's why there's a cover over the front. Pretty much everyone in the movie was a personal friend too, which helped out.

  2. Wondering when the Phildaelphia Eagles get wind of this clear ripoff of their brand? Personally I loved the previous logo for us.

  3. Can I just say that your suggestions are horrible? Come Together, Get Back, Drive my Car.. not even slightly the best songs to dance to haha

  4. And is played by Vin Diesel in the Hollywood movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Mark Wahlberg

  5. Was secretly expecting to see a famous actor cameo in the biopic of Barry's life.

  6. Some wonderful acting from Sarah Goldberg and Anthony Carrigan. I wonder what happens to Fuches after he walks away?

  7. Pleading the fifth? (Simmo in press conferences)

  8. Ah, so this is the Roaming Brian live thread then, is it?

  9. For me Ken Hinkley, he already seems like such a chill dude and his random podcast appearances where he lowers the head coach veil he is very funny

  10. What podcasts where he appeared can you recommend?

  11. Can’t believe nobody’s said Dew yet. Also I’m gonna say Bevo because he seems like a real weird cunt

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