1. Prob not this but I had a similar slab with pole in my yard when I moved in; it was a clothes hanger for air-drying clothes. Could be a self-poured pad for that or a task like it. Maybe even for a simple table and removable umbrella?

  2. Oh maybe! With the tube being a place to put the umbrella 🤔 wouldn’t be my first choice for a spot for it but to each their own.

  3. Is it all plugged into a power strip? Try a different power strip or plugging tower and monitor directly into the wall?

  4. The monitor is on a power strip, I’ll test that out.

  5. XMP? Turn it off. I'm not sure what is going on lately but it seems to be causing a lot of problems similar to this.

  6. Very good but I would not recommend screaming while juuling. But I mean, u do u.

  7. Thanks guys 😂 didn’t know it was bad but I’ll be sure to cut it out ✂️

  8. Great job! I'm the same height and started around the same weight, and just by holding myself accountable (counting calories, trying not to go "over-budget" daily) and walking 30min twice a day, I dropped 40lbs. I'm aiming for 175, but I've plateaued at 185, with a caloric intake of 1.9k to 2.3k a day (fluctuating max calorie intake, 5d/wk less than 2k, 2d/wk less than 2.3k). Finding it hard to knock off that last 10lbs!

  9. Thanks for the words of encouragement! 🙏🏻

  10. Always be yourself but I personally like the short hair better on you. Great work on the weight loss you look great dude.

  11. Check your sample rate. When recording you should go for as low as possible ten turbot it back up when you’re mixing.

  12. Sample rate is 44.1k, using the Airs keyboard for input.

  13. What sampling rate are you recording at? My quad core i5 with 16 gig ram still gets crushed by some plugins and definitely if tracking at 192k

  14. What kind of things are you practicing mechanically to get this sound? It’s really phenomenal

  15. Thanks for the comment! The way I do it is by tightening my diaphragm and kind of making a grunting noise and pushing hard to project. The way the air feels in my throat is kind of like whispering, but trying to hock a loogie at the same time, making sure not to let anything hurt. I’m not fantastic at explaining it, but maybe I’ll make a video on it one of these days :)

  16. Fuckin noice, whatever you're doing, you're obviously doing it right. You arent straining for those sounds at all, you're relaxed as you should be, and you're using your mouth and jaw for lower/higher pitches, not trying to force your voice in there. Definitely some good shit, keep it up!

  17. Thank you, homie! I appreciate the in-depth feedback! 👊🏼

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