Preston 0 - [1] Tottenham - Heung-Min Son 51'

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Arsenal [3] - 2 Manchester United - Eddie Nketiah 90'

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  1. So you’re telling me that they have billion dollar satellites and then was like oh let’s just use this balloon instead.

  2. Balloons are low maintenance compared to satellites, are far cheaper to launch and don't show up on radar.

  3. Mr. Speaker, I would like to remind the house that the UK has the fastest growing economy in the developed world!

  4. Listening to the Brexit debate on Radio 5. My god the Brexiters really are thick and selfish. They wanted no bureaucracy, better deal with Europe, no immigration, better deals with RoW. How? Absolute morons. I think we should introduce an IQ test before you can vote. They’ve ruined our country. They should be ashamed.

  5. They've caused more lasting harm to this country then most terrorist groups. Some of them will bugger off to Spain or France and laugh from a distance at the harm they've caused here.

  6. This is the same guy who claimed support for paying energy bills - to heat the stables for his horses:

  7. Runs great on Series X and S. Can't remember any time when I felt annoyed waiting for something to happen, even in the late game.

  8. Amazing game. As a neutral I hope Arsenal go on to win the title, they've answered 99% of the questions posed to them so far. Only one question remains - can they hold off the challenge from City?

  9. Anyone ever notice how easily negative XB rumors gain traction? I'm not talking among fans, i mean full blown articles and speculation.

  10. One of the previous Halo threads was opened by someone who mainly posts in /PS5.

  11. I find it very realistic. There would be debates, campaigning, more debates, opinion polls, meetings with empires who intend to vote against you, calling in favours (I gonna blackmail you, ok? Vote my way!) etc etc.

  12. In a way I hope you're right. Cloaking entire fleets and opening fire on rival planets sounds fun......until the AI does it to you.


  14. Primitive Civilization: "We're pleased to meet you! Welcome! You must have travelled far to reach us, can we offer you any food to eat?"

  15. Well spotted and I've built loads of the things and didn't notice until now.

  16. I don't understand why everyone here is blaming Brexit.

  17. Brexit is an exclusive multiplier for the issues facing other countries.

  18. From the paper that called anyone who doubted Brexit 'woke'.

  19. Plenty of tech-stocks have been dropping for months now.

  20. Brentford are a fantastic addition to the Premier League. As good off the pitch as they are on. Identified Liverpool's weak points and exploited them brilliantly.

  21. Over 50 here and I will never vote Tory. They may protect my future pension but they've wrecked the economy (thanks Brexit) and tried to give the top 1% tax cuts while other people are relying on food banks.

  22. I will never understand the logical reason why we've made trading with the EU so hard. That's around 4% of our GDP gone.

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