1. Sellia Crystal Tunnel has entered the chat

  2. This experience completely defined my first playthrough - I didn’t know I could just walk out of there (saw the fog wall before resting at grace and assumed I was stuck) - needless to say, I made 20 levels in the 8ish game hours I was stuck there, and I’m still using the pest’s Glaive as my main weapon in honour of the trial that made me :joy:

  3. I love the thief mask but I don't know what to pair it with, so thief mask.

  4. My major playthrough was theif mask on the black leather set, looked very cool

  5. Nah he’s just a mini-boss — real bosses have theme tunes like pro wrestlers

  6. I dipped back into DS1 last night, it’s at NG+ in the Tomb of the Giants and the first enemy is one of those giant dog skeletons. Needless to say, I missed Elden Ring deeply after dying to that jerk thirty five times

  7. The hardest part usually is just starting somewhere and seeing how it turns out. Some of it comes down to finding fonts that work with the theme you are going for.

  8. Thanks, it does! I haven’t been using a grid, or doing layouts really - just taking a piece of art, drawn or diffused or otherwise, making space for text and just kind of shifting it around until something works. I guess I just have to look at more examples and try to identify and imitate the details. Thanks for a thoughtful response!

  9. In avengers vs xmen 5 xmen got phoenix powers (has something do to with hope summers i forgot exactly why) the ones who got the power were clyclops, emma, colossus, magick, and namor they kinds went a little crazy because of the power and namor just decides to lay waste to wakanda for no reason really and storms loyalty lies with the xmen while panther is with the avengers thats why

  10. sign’s back at grace, we’ll go for the tree avatar first since theres a grace nearby

  11. My sign is down at the entrance, IGN Sunbro Chez

  12. Mate thank you! I’m definitely underpowered you guys killed them in like 4 hits

  13. Ah sorry the aqueduct facing cliffs! Forgot to write that in my bad

  14. Nice. I'm new to sheet music, and I come from midi. My biggest problem is getting 4bars confused with whatever measures do. Cause 4bars don't start extending when you put smaller notes in them, neither do they stay tiny if you don't put anything in them, rather they just stay constant 4 bars. I don't get it.

  15. You mean as in controlling how many bars display on each ‘line’ of a page? You can control this in ‘Design Mode’ — with that active, you can add and remove bars from lines with the icons, and drag for length controls

  16. To anyone else keen I’m just trying that same part, lmk if you wanna jam!

  17. Was gonna continue helping in the area, but I got a connection error

  18. This is just the effect I was after cheers mate. As for frame rates… I’m an animator, used to working on 12s or 24s, but I see the standard video formats are at 30fps - I assumed that running things at 12fps in a 30fps comp will give me occasional dropped or held frames - it looks seamless in the animation so far, I’ll see how it turns out with posterise time. But if I made the comp settings 24fps and rendered a final mp4 at 24 - will that translate to YouTube and other devices expecting 30 or 29.97 etc? I’m unclear about the frame rates in a technical/codec/video sense, I’m really used to just image sequences

  19. Couldn't you use 'Posterize Time' and set it to 12 fps ?

  20. Awesome - I knew there had to be an effect, thanks so much

  21. I don't have your last series up (where you changed the city prompt) but are you noticing any differences? As in, the DeviantArt and Flickr ones above seem identical in style - could the 'trending on' tag maybe not recognise these sites? Or do you think it's more that the model simply wasn't trained on those sites?

  22. Absolutely stunning stuff, hands-down the most 'watchable' of these I've seen.

  23. Ha I recognise that username from the main DD one, you've already answered some questions for me over there! Cheers mate

  24. Gorgeous stuff! So much great art coming out of DD, but it’s quite ‘chaotic’ — nice to see a themed collection maintain such cohesion across instances

  25. I’ve been running a role play build: a traveller from the ‘eastern land’ who dreams of becoming a black knight. I ran the game through with the Black Leather Set and Thief hood, using my titanite slabs to max out which parts I could, searching high and low for that black knight set… needless to say, my patience was rewarded right before the end

  26. Yeah, haven't completed the dlc yet though so dont have all bonfires. On my way

  27. At the one just past the first adjudicator giant, if you can get to it!

  28. I havent played the dlc's yet is another location also ok for you?:)

  29. Apologies mate, got caught up in another thread - hit me up on dm’s next time you wanna pvp/coop!

  30. Ok if you're level 130 I can only be summoned at level 107 and up so miles off. Do you know if you can summon outside the usual range if you're on friends list on steam or use a password? I've never deliberately done it before now

  31. Not sure, I’ve never intentionally done any summons either way in dsr... I didn’t even realise we had the password system there

  32. I'll private message you my steam name and if we are online at same time at some point then we can give it a try and see

  33. Brilliant man sounds good! Be nice to have a friend out there!

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