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  1. Good list. Surprised you don’t rank Deep Purple higher, they’re like a doors/AC/DC combo

  2. It’s not really fair to compare him to Floyd. He’s a young artist primarily known for cloud-rap. He took a radical departure and experimented with some alternative/prog rock sounds for this album. He’s highly inexperienced with this genre and is just a young artist trying out something new. Comparing him to one of the greatest bands of all time is setting him up for negative feedback. I enjoyed the album quite a bit personally, but I can definitely see why others might not be into it.

  3. Tbf he didn’t ask for a comparison, just asking a certain demographics opinion

  4. If he’s not totally fit, or too old or whatever, I would love to see him get subbed on for the final few mins of a group game anyway so he gets a moment at the next cup. Hell, sub on a 43, and 47 year old Messi for a few minutes, that would be very cool to see.

  5. The USA statistically should if we just look at population, but few countries can match Englands investment into football from a youth sport point of view so it’s really hard to say. My vote is for England but the US could pull through if there’s enough interest in the sport after the next few tournaments

  6. Piano is most important IMO (im biased) but it is a very good visual to have all the notes laid out on the keyboard. First thing I’d recommend is to learn the key signatures of the most common keys (+relative minors) (C+Am, G+Em, D+Bm, etc) and then triads (3 note chords) that you can play with your right hand. I usually just play octaves (2 of the same note but apart 1 octave) with the left hand. An underrated thing to learn is Inversions (this is just the same 3-note triad but played with the notes in different orders). Additionally, to play the sus2 and sus4 chords, those are going to be your same basic triad but instead of the middle note (which determines if it’s major or minor) you play one note up (sus4) or down (sus2) with either your pointer finger or ring finger. This adds so much colour to otherwise very simple chords. I think scales are a good way to learn key signatures but beyond that it’s more for technical skill so I would worry about those if I were you. If you get this down, you can start adding the two kinds of 7th chords, and after that, well, you’ll have to let me know

  7. Coffee. Maybe not 1/5 but $6-7 is too much bro. Nvm I should just get my ass out of bed to make it myself

  8. Well it was one of Warrens few bad efforts. Other than the lyrics of course.

  9. Far from a bad effort, catchy piano riff + ah-hooo. Doesn’t do anything totally original but still a banger

  10. That’s not what I mean. Bm D Am C G Em G are all pretty standard chords. Nothing revolutionary, but a fun riff

  11. 24. Maybe there was a season or two that wasn’t as good as the rest, but the last ones were as good as the first few

  12. My family watches the Last Waltz every thanksgiving. The first song of the film (last song of the concert) starts with Rick Danko saying “happy thanksgiving” and the baseline that comes in hits so hard.

  13. Hello, Soldier, Wicked Ways, Criminal, Business, The Way I Am. Also Beautiful Pain and Guts Over Fear from Sia are awesome

  14. Stumbled across this on TY and thought some might find it funny. It sums up each album in a somewhat unusual way... to say the least

  15. It’s a roast on Twitter but the internet didn’t get my reference 😔

  16. Light As The Breeze gives me full on goosebumps. Possibly the most gorgeous vocal he’s ever laid down in a studio. I also think Money Or Love is grossly underrated. I would have rather that song made Storm Front than When In Rome (which he HATES, and calls “a stinker.”)

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