1. Bruh. If you go through the thieves guild quest line you get the outfit and can join.

  2. Legendary Alligator Hat, Vest, Boots, and Talisman. Boar Tusk Talisman. Master Hunter gun belt and holster. Tonics satchel. French dress shirt, Ranch pants, Vaquero rider spurs.

  3. Otzi doesn’t seem like a mystery to me. He was out hunting, crawled in a cave to get out of the elements and succumbed to the elements. Otzi has always fascinated me tho. So many things that are unknown.

  4. A) he wasn't in a cave, B) he had an arrow in his back, C) he was face down

  5. I like to think they made it. I doubt it, but I would love to find out they lived the rest of their days in Mexico or South America.

  6. If they were in Alcatraz I doubt they deserve that.

  7. Brie lived out of state from us, she was bullied a lot in high school so she was hoping for a better start somewhere else, she did at first. She started working at a tattoo shop, she’s amazing at art and always has been. When she began tattooing there she met someone and they started dating she really loved him, after a while the girl next door (the girl in the photo with pink hair) became her best friend so things were turning out really good for her. Fast forward to the month she passed, she went out with the girls from the tattoo shop and went drinking, she got drugged and the girls left her at the bar. My sister walked home barely remembering anything she said the next thing she knew she was in her apartment and there was a man raping her, she said she remembered someone following her but that’s it. She was so drugged up she was in and out of consciousness so she knew what was happening but couldn’t do anything. After a week she told my mom and the family what happened and we were all so upset, she did the right thing the next day and got a rape kit done but for days and days she refused to leave home and she wouldn’t even go to work, her friend next door moved out just a week before to go live with her husband again so she was alone. My brother called off work and said he would go stay with her the next day he tried to get ahold of her but she wouldn’t answer and he was also a state away so he didn’t want to leave in case she was gone, she later called and said not to come out but my brother was concerned and said he still would. At this point my sister told her boyfriend from the tattoo shop that she was raped, but he kept telling her that she was lying and that she got drunk and cheated. This and all the other things she went through this pushed her to the edge. With everyone at her job being rude due to her just being good at her job and being verbally abusive all the time, growing up bullied then raped and broken up with not including the family mental illness issues and her medical issues. That was it for her and she took her life the next day her boss finally checked on her after her not calling or showing up to work for a week and then finding her dead in her apartment. I blame that tattoo shop for her death they all pushed her to the edge there is more details to the story.

  8. Holy Christ F that boyfriend! Anyone who admits to be being raped should not be accused of getting drunk and cheating! I'm very sorry for your loss and I hope things get better.

  9. How is this oddly terrifying? You think employees are quitting because of a fake alligator? And you think management put it there?

  10. OH MY GOD. Are you a child? Stop arguing and being immature for gods sakes!

  11. This sub Reddit is not for arguing, it's for debating CIVILLY or just to see others opinions.

  12. Anyone else have nightmares about their first time in Frostmoth?

  13. Did not make me smile. Think about him though, he spent ALL of his life savings :(

  14. Then writing a 5,092 page essay on why Fallout 4 is the worst fallout game.

  15. I've never even played anything other than 3 and 4 lol

  16. This looks exactly like my cat Lucy! She has the same colors, two face, and legs.

  17. Torties are the best. Bee’s two-face and multicolour beans are my favourite thing. She’s such a sweetheart. Give Lucy a pat for me!

  18. Ground zero? What? What disease is he spreading lol?

  19. Kill him. Take everything off of his body, and then stage my death. After that, I move to Sweden or the Netherlands and start a new life as James Ceil, a tourist from Canada looking to start a new life after a house fire killed my family of 5. (Don't have one, not gonna kill my family)

  20. It doesn't seem like I'm the one who needs to get over it lmfao. Your so mad 😂

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