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  1. Omg the land is completely undeveloped and contaminated with prairie dog shit, there are more pressing issues than who goes where. They're not even close to where they need to be deciding who goes where, much less getting each other all riled up over it. These people are exhausting.

  2. And having every typical angsty 16 year old thing you post on IG being analyzed and dissected even though it's just typical angsty 16 year old stuff

  3. Seriously. "Mom of four looks for hookup with someone much younger based on BDE" screams desperate.

  4. He did not want to spend the time away, with quarantining etc, from Robyn and her family. It’s trash because he’s the one that went into this with his initial three wives- but if you think of it from a perspective of a monogamous relationship; a spouse wouldn’t want to be away from the other or their kids for an extended amount of time. It’s gross, because it’s his daughter. He’s literally trashed his entire family. He’s reinventing his family as a monogamous unit and the monogamous unit only involves Robyn and her kids. It’s sick and sad. He’s literally abandoned his children for his own desires. He sucks.

  5. EXACTLY!!! I could never be with a man who neglects his children and treats his children from another relationship as less than. He neglects them emotionally, he doesn't provide health insurance for them when we're reasonably sure his children he has with Robyn are covered, and the kids seeing him play favorites and change his relationships with them based on how he feels about their mother at the time is some sick kind of head game, maybe emotional or mental abuse. He's so gross, as my husband would say un vergüenza (shameful) and so is Robyn for being with a man like that.

  6. I hope Robyn brought a change of clothes, because her eyes are about to piss tears.

  7. Her body instantly snapping back to her pre-pregnancy state, like a faux-Spanish Stretch Armstrong, and wearing her La Perla hospital lingerie instead of a gown & diaper wasn’t enough of a present for Hilz?

  8. I thought the maternity hospital gowns were the most comfortable things in the world, I was shuffling around my room with my ass hanging out, they had slots to pull your boobs out of to nurse, they were huge and mumu like. I loved all 3 of my hospital stays in my maternity gowns.

  9. Like you I don't have a set opinion on it. I can honestly see both sides, that for people unable to carry their own child it can be an amazing thing, and as long as the surrogate is well compensated and both sides are well protected it could be a huge blessing. But I also see that in a lot of circumstances surrogates can be exploited and children should not be bought and paid for, in surrogacy and adoption. It's one of those things where I stand in the gray area, and as someone who has 3 kids I can't speak for people who have struggled to have one.

  10. She got a full size car seat? Infant car seats that detach from the base are super handy and unless she's going to baby wear she's going to get sick and tired of unstrapping and strapping in her sleeping newborn every time she goes somewhere. And I doubt she's planning on baby wearing.

  11. My labia minora would not be a problem in this scenario. My labia majora are another story

  12. I saw a clip recently of kourt and travis discussing, in graphic detail, about their sex life. WITH KRIS AND OTHER FAMILY AROUND. which is so fucking nasty to me, i can't imagine talking about anything sexual like that with any family member.

  13. My mom would smack me straight in my teeth even at my big age if I ever talked around her or family like that, not to mention I would never want to talk like that around her or family lol

  14. Omggggg I have never had a person turn my stomach so much while they eat. Does she do it on purpose? No that's really how she is, she's just revolting.

  15. Oh, that’s right! I forgot about that sweet ride LOL

  16. He thought he looked amazing driving that thing around lmao his wispy hair blowing in the wind. That car was fugly

  17. I have a feeling that their food would give me the bubble guts before even leaving the table and I don't poop in other people's houses, so no, I don't think eating at their house would be a good idea for me.

  18. I feel like she's been pregnant for 2 1/2 years. Probably because she announced at the moment of implantation.

  19. If the Baldwins go to church and there are no paps there to take pictures, did they really go?

  20. Adrienne bitching about Paul's squeaky shoes. I don't remember what she said exactly, but it cracked me up because she was just so over it.

  21. Paul would just be there existing, and Adrienne would lose it on him. She hated him so much lol

  22. The best advice I can give you is to start preparing yourself, mentally and financially, to be a single mom.

  23. Kody dancing at the cake tasting. In the words of Meri, “that’s just nasty”

  24. One of my top 5 cringiest moments on TV. And I watch The Office, so that's saying a lot.

  25. My rent free scene is Kody giving that homicidal grin about Thanksgiving.

  26. Like everyone should have committed to spending Thanksgiving in Flagstaff with Kody and Robyn, just for them to suddenly have an "emergency" and cancel on everyone just as they are known to do. It was totally understandable for Christine and Janelle to want to spend it with their kids.

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