1. If a random viewer gets on stage and slaps an actor/presenter/comedian..., they get escorted to leave immediately. No matter if the person who got slapped wants them to leave or not - they get escorted immediately, as they're a possible danger also to others or can do it again. It was very different when this exceptionally rich person did it.

  2. Dude, he made fun of his wife repeatedly throughout the years at the same event. I think Smith had warned him in the past. Yet Rock kept it up.

  3. Do you really think it is reasonable for when a stand-up comedian makes fun of you or your spouse at a comedy club (some stand up comedians do make fun of people in the audience), you have the right to get on the stage to physically assault the comedian? Well, let's hope all the comedy clubs you'll ever visit have better security than this event had.

  4. If they make fun of someone's obvious physical/mental disease/ disability, maybe ask yourself why you think that's okay

  5. Before the introduced the law for the bike everyone was using their phone on their bike. I hated the rule at first, but it's definitely better now. Police is very strict about it in many places. So don't use your phone on your bike. If you need to look something up just stop at a save spot.

  6. The darker side of famous people are much less discussed than their good sides, Gandhi was a misogynist and was against birth control, Mother Teresa wasn't always kind to everyone..

  7. Ghandi was way worse than that... he was in bed with his grandchildren

  8. Yeah pretty sure you could sue that attorney for malpractice ... but then again, the real world is different from school

  9. Despite being attractive and being told I have a good personality I’m legitimately afraid I’ll die alone

  10. I’m a Christian and I’ve struggled with profound doubt for many years. I’ve had friends like you who have walked away because it just didn’t make sense to them. And I respect that. It’s pretty painful to live with cognitive dissonance.

  11. You don't have to throw the whole religion away. Just understand the reality that Christianity was a way for ancient governments to keep people in line.

  12. Both the links on that thread take you to the Reading Room homepage.

  13. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf

  14. Back when the IMDB forums were hopping, there was a parent asking if it was ok to bring their 7 year old daughter to see the first Hostel. They had heard there was nudity in the first 20 minutes, and that might have been a deal breaker.

  15. Imdb forums were the shiz! We used to watch Supernatural new episodes and the board would post in real time wha was happening lol

  16. For some dudes it is 2 minutes or 20. Gotta pick one and there is no in between option.

  17. Imagine if the 2 minute dudes... never get married for some reason

  18. Probably franchise owner’s kid. I don’t agree with it but I could see it happening

  19. It also happened to a friend of mine, when she was 13, her parents owned an electronics store and let her cashier it sometimes.

  20. I worked at a family owned restaurant when I was a kidish haha started when I was 15, but the owners 4 kids were all employees, even the youngest daughter who was like...11 I think when I started. Him and his wife were there every day open to close, and the kids were there all the time except when they were in school or if they had some school thing going on, until they got other jobs. I'm pretty sure they all got regular paychecks though, but didn't pay as well as construction, which is what the oldest son went to do once he graduated high school.

  21. Dang was trying to get my foot in the door while I’m in school for histology

  22. Wow I didn’t know people can not chew noodles? I’m gonna start observing people I eat with now lol. Then do you chew the ingredients meaning you gotta separate noodle vs ingredients in your mouth? What about spaghetti? So many questions!

  23. Lol ikr! I'm now like legit so eager to make cup of noodles or nissin just to see if u can swallow without chewing like a long ass wave

  24. I lived on a “farm” way outside of city limits. People who don’t want their dogs anymore have a habit of dumping their dogs or other animals near our property thinking that millions of years of suppressed instincts will suddenly appear and the dog will be fine because nature.

  25. To be fair, is there any way to honestly just exist non-homeless for free?

  26. 2700 for a 1 bedroom here, checking in. Rent about to go up to 3400 next year. Adios.

  27. yeah, my friend from work said htat no one would pay over $2k for rent because mortgage payments are close to 3k. So he says no one would be (stupid enough) to rent for that much when they could just be a homeowner and pay a mortgage...

  28. Where can i do this as efficiant as posible? Like if i invest 1$ a day i dont want fees to eat 30% of it.

  29. DCA into coinbase via ACH, put in some limit orders Post Only. (via coinbase pro)

  30. He had ninety-nine problems, but a bitch wasn't one.

  31. or maybe had 0 problems? No need to make money, no desire for females because he never knew of them... like legit he didn't have our biggest problems in society :P

  32. Lol. Inspiration to us all. If we had millions of dollars.. build a home lab in your garage. Secretly do PhD research there 👍

  33. I knew a guy who did aid work in a place where women went topless, I remember it being in French speaking Western Africa. He told me the local men tought it was weird that he was attracted to boobs, because to them, that was for the babies.

  34. Someone gave our training class his experience in nude colonies. He said nudists don't find nude women hot.

  35. What's a recipe every person should know how to cook?

  36. What this thread teaches me is that literally no one actually remembers what 2012 fashion was.

  37. pfft I changed my phone's name to "Nice shirt Greg" in hopes of someone around me being named Greg. Hopefully he's wearing shirt with holes. Because Greg gonna start looking around with confusion in his face parts

  38. Airdrop is a way to send pictures or files over Bluetooth. It is secure and you can choose to deny or accept the airdrop

  39. i guess i'll check it out... randomly ya. definitely would lvoe random pictures from strangers in public places where you can't know who sent it.

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