What is the saddest song you've ever heard?

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  1. The streets of Edinburgh where they hung women they thought to be witches

  2. Oregon, its the only American state not ravaged by capitalist greed, Washington too

  3. I have visited other parts of the USA and those are the only states i would visit again :)

  4. Am 68years old and think they are wonderful the same can't be said for those sad drab individuals in a council house uniform, football top, tracky bottoms and what ever the in fashion trainer's are.

  5. I dated my first and last girlfriend for 2 years. It started off incredibly well, but slowly her true colors started showing. She'd play my worst fears and triggers against me very subtly, and try to lock me into a relationship. I later found out she turned people against me, making me lose contact with all my friends. It got to a point where I couldn't even see my own family, and at one point my mom came out of hospital after two weeks, and I didn't even get to see her because my ex would make up a story which would lead to me having to drive her back home and spend the night at hers. I'm not easily manipulated, but it was scary how many things she got away with. My now best friend use to hate me, she thought I was controlling and borderline abusive towards my ex because of stories my ex told her. My ex also had a tendency of talking out loud in public about how I "abused her", making people stare at me in disgust. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Long story short, I now have very little faith in people, and have problems trusting even family members. The only person on this entire planet who I trust is my best friend.

  6. They're in the university towns, where all the young people are. Try Stellenbosch or UCT.

  7. Marvel seems to currently strive for actors without huge present day character concerns. He just got charged with a drunken assault where he smashed a glass on the guys face and punched him.

  8. I'm not gay, but that dude is handsome as fuck.

  9. So I've watched the majority of the trial, and I know this question is not for me, but I feel it is very important to state my opinion here. I started watching that trial thinking Amber might be innocent, but the proof is undeniable that she has abused his horrifically, and not to mention defaming him and refusing to donate to a charity which she promised. That being said, it irritates me when I see people who haven't watched the trial argue about the fact that one should take sides, and that the trial shouldn't have been televised. Just remember, this is a man who is known for wanting to avoid conflict, trying his best to live a humble, passive life, yes I know he had some angry moments, but out yourself in his shoes. His wife was screwing with his perception of reality throughout that whole relationship, all while keeping him locked into it. He was frustrated because of all this. Anyways, what I was saying was, of course he wanted to televise is. He was probably feeling so alone and afraid no one will believe him, so he purposely put himself through INTERNATIONAL humiliation, to fight for everything he's built. Johnny came from a dark past, built everything he had from nothing, and he still remains humble. Amber is nothing short of a narcissistic, spoiled brat who has never learned the concept of consequences, there treating this court case like a trip to the principles office. I don't even think she understands the amount of trouble she has dug herself in to. It really seems like she feels she does not deserve to be punished for anything she does. Does this not sound like a repeating criminal?

  10. I've been super insecure about my appearance. I feel as men we don't get nearly as much affirmation as women do, but even with that in mind I still feel I'm not the best looking, and I've only heard people say it now and then to me, but I always feel like they're just trying to eleviate my insecurity. Wish I could help you.

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