1. This might sound dumb but avoid people who are sick. Some people I know will still meet up with friends who have a cough or sore throat etc and then are shocked when they too get sick. Don’t share water bottles/utensils with anyone and take care of your health diet wise.

  2. Thanks! Good advice. I currently have a sick three year old so it’s a bit harder to follow but I’ll try my best!

  3. I was going to add this is much harder for parents lol. Good luck, sometimes being sick is inevitable but a healthy lifestyle can only help!

  4. It’s just so incredibly tone deaf. Sure, she works. Great. But the reality is that 99.9% of the people watching this show are working in much less glamorous jobs for much less money. Trying on clothes and getting makeup done are fun treats that we do outside of our jobs. And for her, those fun treats are her job. I would love on see a reality show of Kim trying to work at all of our jobs for a day, week, or month. That would be interesting. No one wants to watch this “Kim is such a hardworker” narrative any more. Have Kim meet with some actual hard workers and hear about their days and what they go through. No one is saying that she doesn’t do a lot, but she has 0 perspective and 0 self-awareness.

  5. “No one wants to work anymore” … when most people don’t even consider her work actual work 👩‍🦯

  6. Valid point but they totally created the monster of scrutiny from the general public by caring SO much about their image (and by doing so transparently). If they were more authentic in general and didn’t try to control their self narratives so tightly, people would be more forgiving of their fuck ups. But it’s hard to remember that they’re human when they’re constantly trying to convince us that they’re not.

  7. Agree, try an antibacterial wash like Phisohex whenever you shave too and throw out that razor

  8. People really aren't fazed by anything these days. Remember when Madonna was going to get arrested in Italy for her concert performance, or when people where shocked at Britney Spears transparent suit for her Oops... I did it again/I can't get no satisfaction 1999 VMA's performance.... Doja is showing nipples

  9. Kind of related but I’m always shocked now when people react to celebrities doing drugs like it’s so crazy, like regular shmegular people do the same every day. People aren’t fazed with some things but are still fazed by others

  10. “only 30 years old” ?? That’s someone who is 12 years into adulthood. Kylie is “only 24” and held to much higher standards of accountability and maturity than a 30 (now 40) year old man. Tristan is criticized for not wanting an accidental baby he had with a woman he never had a relationship with but Scott gets excuses made for him.

  11. Yeah I am confused at this too. 30 is young to lose your parents but at the same time you are very much an adult by 30 and capable of making responsible decisions.

  12. That was my mom. Just expected we’d know what she wanted and how to do things and how often. Never actually told us or helped us do it or gave effective consequences. Then got mad because we didn’t do things her exact way🤷‍♀️

  13. Me too, my mum didn't seem to grasp that she needed to communicate that “clean the toilets” actually means “clean the entire bathroom” to her like.. No wonder no one was doing it to her standard

  14. I would pronounce Lena as Len-ah. But I’m Australian so maybe it’s different. Between Naomi and Phoebe Naomi is my pick, super cute

  15. The hiding of Kylie and Khloe's baby's faces just shows how everything they do is for clout. They can't even document their own babies in private... sad really

  16. I feel like it's the opposite, just shows how everything they do will be analysed within an inch of it's life so you have to be SO careful

  17. Felony, I know some people do it but as a law student I do not think I could do that to my kids lol

  18. Okay the wall is kind of disturbing but I like it at the same time. I always appreciate how they really do include everyone despite everything from (both) Travis’s families and even Caitlyn.

  19. Lmao Iiterally I'm 22 and still like going to things w my mum just because she's going to be there

  20. You can hate me but I love how unbothered they are

  21. Not to turn this comment into something philosophical but dwelling on how the world is burning as you say isn't helping anyone, live your life the best you can without shouldering the entire world as a burden lol it's so hard w social media not to be hyper aware of everything but we gotta try gives ourselves peace

  22. You are 100% right, I try to, but this pool would help not going to lie lol

  23. Leo and Luca, Luna and Lila. My maiden name and married name are both Italian so my hubby and I always said we’ll give our kids Italian names. We decided on Leo and Luca for boys, we also like Lila (not Italian but my husbands grandma’s name) and Luna for a girl…now they’re both super popular 😅 There aren’t too many Italian names I like either

  24. I’m the opposite to everyone here I can’t believe she’s only 30! I guess when you start your career so young your name is out there for so long before you’re even an adult

  25. “We all come up short” lol do ‘we’ kelly? Or is it your whole career as a glorified backup singer thats been ‘coming up short’? He still wont pick you girl, pack it up

  26. Yes! I Would LOVE it if they filmed things vlog style and were more personal!! If anything, that is what the viewers will appreciate.

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