1. travis scott cheating, there’s legitimately no proof at all!

  2. The people talking about that y*ng sweetro person like..... you have to be joking its on the same level as that Mason instagram acc

  3. I’m so fucking lost in this thread! Who is everyone?

  4. Not trying to be mean but Kylie is like - bad at Tik Tok. She was the queen of Snap Chat and in the upper echelon of Instagram. However Tik Tok is not her forte (even Penelope’s posts are better sorry) and she has become cringe. Kylie is past her “it” girl status and the weak Tik Tok posts are so low effort that at her current status she can no longer pull it off. The sounds she uses are sounds that peaked weeks/months ago and the older uncool people on Tik Tok are trying to hop on the tail of it. Someone had to say it.

  5. the KJCU makes me think i’m toxic because I would not wanna be friends with somebody that fucked my man let alone my husband

  6. Right like I would literally prefer to poke my eyes out. And she went to their wedding!!!!!

  7. I love these but imo Kim doesn't suit this or whatever she thinks she's currently doing

  8. Cheating and open relationships are way more common than people realise for both celebrities and regular shmegulars

  9. Yer that shocked me in the preview from last episode like.. you took time to get ur makeup done for this

  10. I don’t care about it at all but I am not American and Marilyn Monroe so has as much meaning to me as like .. Krob at most

  11. No but I'm more lost at what she could find attractive about him like she's a fit and successful pilates instructor and he's.......... Rob

  12. Dear social media person writing Lizzo’s tweets:

  13. This is so interesting to me as someone pursuing PR-law - I think it reads well, if anything tho maybe a bit grandiose

  14. People being harsh on u for no reason - do I think it’s what she meant? No probably not but good creative thinking skills

  15. 😭 me too. Their relationship or whatever is so boring lol I just see him as way too young for her and my interest ends there

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