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  1. Remember that this stuff ALWAYS happens...

  2. Para ser sincero, no veo por que ESA radio deba cambiar su nucleo

  3. You can hatch Noibats from 10km purple eggs. You’ll get a decent amount of candy when they hatch.

  4. halloween event just had these as a 33% chance from 7km eggs…. got like 800 candy from that!

  5. I... spend that entire day... without having one of them hatching...

  6. Any ideas of how to get a Farfetch for the current mission? I got one from an egg but it didn't count

  7. Have to catch it, not hatch. Only available from Field Research task from a pokestop, Power Up 15 Times or Catch 15 Fighting Pokemon.

  8. TBH y caught Blazkien, and then MegaEv to fight vs Sceptlie, then MegaEV the Sceptile to fight the Marshtomp, and then MegaEv the Marshtomp to fight the Blaziken...

  9. Sorry i cant understand what she said, but those kids seem really happy about it !!!

  10. Hijo de puta, ojalá le den los 10 años por weón !


  12. I never put a Pokémon in a gym that I don’t want to be without. I’ve had Pokémon remain in remotely located gyms for several months and even in gyms located in populated areas for over a month. Slaking is my go to Pokémon for gym placement. I have several of them and don’t really have a need for them other than holding a gym to get my my daily coins.

  13. Yes around there, South of Santiago su Compostela

  14. I beat it in normal. And to get true ending, I tried it in custom mode but my build was bad and I failed, and I eventually beat it in normal mode.

  15. Now u know why there are tombs down there

  16. You can see that I hit mama tick more than 2 times on the last moment.. So where is my ammo???

  17. Seconded, though he also hosted the Do Not Laugh episode, which was an unqualified disaster.

  18. Was it??? I laughed my ass on that one because caos rule there. Bob and Mark couldn't figure it out.

  19. Or just jump on to the platform in one try.

  20. In favor of Elden Ring or Dark Souls? I mean the fact I have to ask means the answer isn’t as obvious as you think.

  21. As a fact.. Open world's dominate the games currently... Is dumb to make an open question waiting for something else... If u ask me "what do u want, open world or not??".. I would say.. Give me open world... It's that easy.

  22. I don't care about it... People talk in worst ways.

  23. How does he do that?? And how did u figure it out in the game???

  24. He takes some out your bloodstain, if you notice you can figure it out it was him because he is obviously sus, he locks you in a room with a knight (you can hear him laughing and who else would it be) and he follows you around.

  25. Idk I just killed him... It didn't seems important telling me that there was another way that I could OBVIOUSLY see

  26. How do u crash there??? Is a slow corner

  27. Ur kidding, 2<4 ?? Mama is a gimmick fight, its just has like 2 attacks to be worried about... then u walk a while, and u can keep on close combat without taking dmg.

  28. Mama tick is hard to get the no hit on with the bullet hell phase… but thinking about it Conjunctivius is probably harder I’ll switch those two. As for scarecrow, I just struggle with how fast he is. I usually run survival and getting attacks off on him with how relentless he is can be pretty hard.

  29. Bullet hell phase ?? u mean "hug a wall and dodge 1 hit"??

  30. Uhhhh I'm pretty sure that's hont supposed to happen

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