1. I really love this. I mainly see your icons on DeviantArt and I gotta say. This is really great.

  2. I like to call it: Mighty Morphin Legend Rangers or Power Rangers Legends. (the Legend Rangers name I save for its theme song).

  3. This is how everyone feels when Ace wins the DGP for the 50 f****** time!!!

  4. I always skip the Treehouse Of Horror episodes. I'm not a fan of the Halloween anthologies (although I will admit, the Death Note parody looked awesome and I haven't seen the episode)

  5. We don't need to wait for it, we can just sing it ourselves. I'll start: Invitation todoita nara

  6. I ranked them lower because, I'm honestly more of a fan of the multicoloured design of Tiga's Multi Type and Dyna's Flash Type then their other forms. The same thing for Gaia and Agul V1, I just prefer the design of their V2 forms. And I think I have the biggest bias towards Trigger and Decker's designs.

  7. In retrospect, Nice at least deserves a good ranking, his design was unique with the irregular placing of the colour timer, at least before Decker.

  8. (⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄) I would kiss you but I already have two girlfriends and if they see they may kill both of us. They're not obsessive but they are quite supportive of me.

  9. Archie: “You two seem quite noble. I would definitely consider you for the royal guard. You are welcome to come around whenever you please. 9/10.”

  10. i'll give a 9/10 for everyone except that pink cat that looks like a UwU cat-

  11. Go on to the character profile section, press export then you can copy the code.

  12. Oh okay! Though I’m not comfortable with sharing OC codes because everyone can see it, especially since she’s my main OC

  13. 🎵Some folk'll never lose a toe but then again some folk'll

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