1. My only wish was that all the spines make up one big image. Like the Ultra brother set and the TDG set

  2. I think the only thing we need to know is that Geats, Tycoon, Na-Go, and Buffa are the main rider characters

  3. Hoping you won’t get the pin problem

  4. Now we just gotta pray that this driver won’t have the pin problem

  5. Thank you so much!! I thought I did something wrong

  6. Nah, people are starting to see problems with the desire driver itself and I'm seeing more and more posts about it popping up recently. Expect the most commonly used side to get worn out first and I also recently learned from a comment on my own post that you should also try not to purposely slam the buckles into the sides because it apparently can shove the pins off center causing the misreads. I ended up ordering another off Amazon because the common solutions ain't doing much for me, not too big of a deal but it's a bummer.

  7. Has the new driver come in contact with the problem or is it lucky enough to not have it?

  8. Number 1 customer is going to become number 1 employee

  9. Shield, arrow, claw, water, propeller, and drill all got shown a transformation, whereas chain array was shown offscreen

  10. “We have vanquished the foul beast that threatens our land, POGGERS!!!”

  11. I edited the one with ninja/beat and the last photo

  12. Add orb burnmite and it would’ve been perfect

  13. “I'll lay down my life, if it means to crush you!” -Hiromi Kadota

  14. Honestly, u might have to build one out of legos or something

  15. Small Decker stopped me from sneezing

  16. This is actually the one time we can thank decade. Banger rider season, banger Pokémon game, and banger movies. It’s just a big W. THANK YOU DECADE!!

  17. If it’s non canon then it doesn’t matter. What’s a Ginga? The last time I saw Zagi was in Nexus’ finale

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