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  1. It's ok to be from California. I'm from NY, but man, between this and Nextdoor, It's like California is a 4-letter word.

  2. Saving this because of the correct spelling of womp wuh-womp wuh-womp waaaaaaaooooouuuu

  3. I ran to the comments, sorted by controversial and this one was on top.

  4. Nah. This is not a DIY fix. They have specialists who wear protective gear, seal areas off, identify where it came from and fix it the right and safe way. Don’t allow your family to have permanent consequences from messing around with this please.

  5. Exactly. Please don't take the advice of redditors on this one, especially for turning it into a kids room! Get a professional

  6. Get a professional mold remediationz

  7. Im so glad that the construction on McEwen Drive is FINALLY done.

  8. Basically Todrick was very nasty, very self-centered, talked really rudely about many of the HGs behind their backs and to their faces, and then managed to flip two of the very well-liked players (Carson and Cynthia) against the fan favorite Shanna on a bunch of lies. Great gameplay but nasty, personal methods. In the end Todrick and his closest ally Miesha (huge comp beast) got to the final 2, the jury DEMOLISHED Todrick in the questioning / voting in probability the most savage vote ever, and Miesha won handily.

  9. Not me thinking the season was actually called Season of Ewww 💀

  10. I was talking to the owners while my food was being made and some of the workers work at my apartment complex! I see their truck all the time but I had no idea where they were at!

  11. I may or may not have screenshotted this post and sent it to them already 😉

  12. I think it was filmed after. He said at the reunion that he’s cutting out liquor. I took that to mean he isn’t drink hard booze, but will still drink beer or wine. Which is just a bandaid solution if you ask me. You can get fucked up on any of those substances and act unhinged. IMO he’s using alcohol as a way to mask his anxiety. I think he has a deep anxiety issue and rather than seeking help, he makes excuses for his behavior and blames other people for his reactions.

  13. 100% agree with everything you just said and I didn't catch that detail in his words. I mean, look how Kyle acts on Loverboy....

  14. I could have misheard him but that’s what I recalled. I don’t know though if he’s using liquor to just mean any alcoholic substance but either way…I hope he’s seeking professional help as well bc I think the alcohol just exacerbates whatever is happening deep down.

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