1. Looks like someone from witchesvspatriarchy just trying to drum up more hate. I guess their potions and spells weren't powerful enough. Honestly it's not even worth arguing with them, they're literally roleplaying Harry Potter thinking they're fighting some imaginary oppressive force.

  2. Just play Castlevania Lament of Innocence. Its a great game and he is the final boss

  3. I'm sorry, but can you explain why? Never understood that rule

  4. Did you know that you'd be one of the fan-favorite characters during recording, or did the popularity surprise you on release?

  5. Ms Jacksons grandchild be like, please respect me! Im not a paycheck, im a baby!

  6. I saw this and for a split second thought this WAS the DLC announcement - felt my heart stop

  7. Plot twist, the whole town is just like nice, good for Steve. Hope he upgraded

  8. Not good my guy. Being self aware of how bad it is doesn't make it less bad. It would be different if you at least had a joke, but this... theres just nothing good about it

  9. I don't drive but I'll ride your face Damn, that's it tho? Go get your license

  10. Ewww why it look like ear wax??? The only time something should look like that is when you toast a marshmallow

  11. The CEO of steam once said that if a pirate offers a more convenient method of obtaining a good than the official vendor, then the pirate's service is more valuable- paraphrased of course, something to that effect

  12. That doesn’t make sense though because they don’t own the product. You can’t sell an item you have no legal right to. They can offer a better price because they didn’t purchase the rights to the intellectual property, they just stole it, so they don’t have to make up for that cost. That’s like saying the person who steals someone’s jewelry and pawns it is a better vendor than the jewelry store because they can offer a cheaper price

  13. The quote means that from a consumer point of view, it makes more sense to get the product from a pirate than someone that can legally sell it just because the pirate offers a better service

  14. Idk i like that. Lets the creator know what you enjoyed about their video

  15. Kinda based ngl. The amount of times I've noticed girls farting while desperately trying to convince me they don't ever

  16. Right click. Go into properties, then icon. You can change the graphic from there

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