1. Pat McAfee is the goat. He should be one of the royal knights of Scjerk

  2. The storyline is have them tag together than forget about the storyline for almost a year than have a match and that's it.

  3. You didn't even do a shitty drawing of him but OK I'll upvote.

  4. Me and my 500 friends actually were out having a party with our extra income. We are gonna watch AEW on DVR, what do you recommend? I can't wait for that banger Darby v Kushida. I would imagine the arena would be packed to see that. I'm in California should of driven 500 miles to go see it.

  5. Reeee u gotta read the Observer from 1984 and check facial reactions of a person than wiki them and follow their indy screen to understand the full story u fed shill.

  6. It's just a normal picture of Adam Cole. They'll never hit over 1 million again.

  7. It's comedy gold almost as good as r truth spider fear skits.

  8. 400 tickets a random, youtuber can draw that. Unlike Megastar Logan Paul can't do much.

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