1. Elden Ring players who prefer to keep things offline, or who have poor internet connections for invading, have one other option to complete this part of Varre's questline. If you wait to talk to Varre until after beginning the Volcano Manor questline, the red letters given to you by Tanith count as invasions towards this quest too. Just be sure not to kill Rykard before completing this part of Varre's questline here, as it instantly causes the Volcano Manor questline to end, halting its progression entirely.

  2. Easy; which one is actually happy? Butters is, despite everything. Cartman doesn't even know the definition of happy.

  3. Butters is happy despite his luck, but the question was if you would rather have butters' luck (not disposition) or cartman's reputation (you could possibly improve it). I don't know if I could ever be happy with that kind of bad luck.

  4. I see what you're saying, and find no fault in your logic. However, if I was unlucky, but ultimately happy despite my luck, I would consider it a net win.

  5. If the question was "who would you rather be..." I would pick butters too.

  6. Not sure about action RPGs, but shin megami tensei 5 could be good if you don't mind turn-based combat.

  7. He might have been mad about shitty pay and benefits catching up to him.

  8. What happens if you don't meet your goal next time and when they ask you tell them that nothing changes when you do, so why bother?

  9. Low wages might be part of it, but on the other side I think many people have an unrealistic expectation of finding a professional job that allows them to work remotely at $60,000 per year.

  10. Or they make more from government assistance than what this restaurant is willing to pay. Why would anyone want to lose the government assistance (that can provide for basic necessities by itself) where they dont need to do anything for a job that doesn't pay enough for rent and food that they also need to spend time and resources on?

  11. It's not that no one wants to work. Rather, no one is hiring (for enough to meet basic necessities)

  12. not sure if we have the same laptop but mine runs about 50-60 Celsius on turbo mode and that is when i am just setting there doing basic stuff and when i get to gaming the fans crank up crazy high and keep it cool but man they are loud so i did setup a lower power mode to keep the fan nose down if i am doing my youtube so you cant hear the fans in the mic, also my cpu usage is normally under 10% just setting there doing basic stuff.

  13. Is that a normal range for web browsing and little else (no gaming)? I have those temps and a high pitch whining that doesn't appear to be any fan.

  14. You can probably do it, but you need to have contacts, you need to have experience or credentials to build trust.

  15. Ironically, self-employment might them trying to get experience to actually work for someone else. No one hires without 10 years experience for an entry level job anymore.

  16. What a lot of people (or at least characters) forget is that everyone wanted to kill Lilith until Castiel found out and told them, at the very last minute, that Lilith dying would break the final seal.

  17. Think Korra would be fine teaching. She did a brief airbending lesson with Opal.

  18. Yeah, but that was with airbending, something she struggled with and would see areas that students would have trouble with.

  19. Opal wasn’t really struggling with airbending though and I don’t think there’s a correlation with having more trouble with a subject and being able to teach it more effectively.

  20. I was talking about Korra struggling with learning airbending to the point she couldn't until Amon cut off the rest of her bending.

  21. To be fair, I think this is a result of pride, underestimating his enemy, and "tunnelvision".

  22. I agree that he should have done that. I agree it would have been wiser to do that.

  23. You don't need the incarnii for that unless you want to fuse it. You can just summon it for 20 of the stones.

  24. "its so awful Im using the internet and a smartphone and have enough to eat and a place to stay and can do whatever I want, its so awful" lol

  25. How do you know they made this from a smartphone?

  26. It's never the looks, it's always the personality, let's be honest.

  27. What makes you think looks have nothing to do with it?

  28. Most people look pretty decent as long as they take basic care of themselves. Decent bait might not be as good as deluxe bait, but it still works.

  29. I have seen good looks work with bad personality in real life. I have never seen or heard of personality making up for good looks, outside of fairy tales and Disney movies.

  30. You're lucky. You know that it will eventually stop.

  31. Alternatively, they’re fucking shit up by making Americans continue to believe they need pickup trucks to pick up groceries instead of pushing people toward smaller, more efficient vehicles that use fewer cells thus allowing for more EVs to be built.

  32. If you made people get only one vehicle, which do you think they would get? A smaller, more efficient vehicle that is more limited in its tasks due to lack of space, lack of towing capability, etc; or a vehicle that can do pretty much everything the smaller one can and more?

  33. The reason I won’t get an Aptera is that it is too big. Seriously, the thing is huge, it won’t fit in my garage! It can transport enough for 99% of my trips and I have a minivan for the rest.

  34. So would you rather get rid of your minivan or swap it out for an electric minivan and not have the aptera?

  35. There should be a tax break for companies that train employees with no experience rather than only hiring experienced employees.

  36. Reddit has a few known personalities. The "what's a potato" person, jumper cables, two broken arms, 10/10 with rice. OP could (and probably will be) cylinder guy.

  37. How much more? The cost of transportation (insurance, maintenance, gas, etc.) paid for by the company + paid my hourly rate for commute.

  38. Human fighter named Atala, conscripted into the army because of her large size and masculine features, later turned mercenary, then highwaywoman, then professional body guard, and finally adventurer/mercenary. Straight backed, serious and practical to a fault. I had a couple internal conflicts that I wanted her to grapple with.

  39. Sounds like an interesting concept. I hope you get an opportunity to play her one day.

  40. It is almost guaranteed that you will be the only one finding that character 'fun' on any level.

  41. No. I never mentioned it to a table. I was just wondering if anyone else had character concepts like that in mind they wanted to share.

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