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  1. Personally, i do hydatos bunny farming. Easy solo fates, or people are there to help out.

  2. You can do Pyros instead and skip the last 10 levels.

  3. Yeah, listening to someone with a macro/bot playing low quality MIDI music on a single instrument track is peak gaming experience.

  4. It's a unique addition to the game, something small that they added because it was fun. A way to share music with other players that I haven't seen in any other MMO.

  5. Yeah, because the soundtrack of this entire series is absolutely amazing and the last thing I need to hear is a shitty quality of Taylor Swift. Hell, the entire concept of "concerts" bring a single dude with multiple accounts and a macro is the saddest thing in the entire community.

  6. I’m wondering why MNK can’t have a move like Enlightenment as a ranged action. I mean it would make sense

  7. MNK doesn't need ranged attacks. If they are forced away from the target for a time, the can charge their Chakra, use Formless Fist, or hit Anatman to refresh their buff. They can also stay in melee longer than most and get back in faster because Thunderclap's got 3 charges an works on friend and foe.

  8. It’s gotten a lot easier to play since Endwalker launched.

  9. Only superficially. They removed most positionals, sure, but adding the lunar/solar nadi and their blitzes is just a different kind of complexity.

  10. If you are home world transferring to NA and don't already have friends there, I recommend transferring to any of the 4 new servers in the Dynamis DC. The main reason is because it's free to transfer to New worlds. It will also have a lot of fellow new players.

  11. You shouldn't be talking shit in ffxiv anyway, but this isn't a dps vs tanks vs healers thing. Many people play lots of jobs and as a result know how the other roles work and should be played.

  12. Honestly, after getting max hearts they need to either remove the limit on deliveries to that individual, or they need to at least increase the number of weekly deliveries. It's feeling impossible for newer players to catch up to get the 150 titles.

  13. Not everything needs to have catch-up mechanics, especially when the reward is just a title. Making it easier to get cheapens it.

  14. The Sea Folk customs regarding teachers. Actually just most Sea Folk customs. Their behavior around the Bowl was infuriating.

  15. Hunt trains require linkshells and for you to be around for when they start. Expert roulette requires 5 runs a week whenever the player wants and is free to do so. Hunt trains are not a thing the dev team assumes every player can do and it would be incredibly unreasonable to do so as well.

  16. DC travel really increased hunt train access. Turn on discord notifications for all DCs in your region when you feel like a hunt and you will not have to wait long. Especially on Tuesdays.

  17. Hunts aren't that far behind honestly, a 30 minutes train giving 160 tomes is on par with a 17ish minute expert.

  18. And you can do 3 trains on Tuesday and don't have to worry about doing roulettes on 5 different days of the week.

  19. I didn’t even know that a police officer could impose a restitution. How does that even work?

  20. Cop writes the report, says the victim claims $X in restitution. It goes to court, Judge sees the report and likely awards it if the value is reasonable. Old Man Misdemeanor is out $500 + restitution.

  21. so in this scenario we're assuming the guy is defending himself and doesn't know he can challenge how much the restitution is?

  22. For small misdemeanors like this your court date is basically like showing up to contest a traffic ticket. The ticket the cop wrote probably included restitution on it (so here it would say $525), and if you want to contest it you can get a lawyer or show up and represent yourself. And you could challenge the restitution amount but ultimately it's up to the judge to make a fairness call.

  23. lol That wasn't much to read and it hit home perfectly. I experienced this exact thing myself. Crazy how common this is. I have several friends who had the same thing happen.

  24. This dude actually reported me to RedditCares because he didn't want to read my post.

  25. Here's the issue: Final Fantasy encourages you to focus on just one character because of how every unlock in the game works. Almost all online store items are single character unlocks as well, so it can be expensive to switch mains.

  26. Switched to controller a few months ago and never looked back. Huge improvement, and honestly it just makes more sense in my head with regards to how I map skills relative to each other. Mapping a bunch of skills in a straight line (1-0) feels so foreign to me now.

  27. They're tight around the tree behind him. Roots messed with the bricks.

  28. I swear trying to use those duty action buttons while doing monk rotation is a recipe for failure.

  29. Sprouts just need to avoid this subreddit I guess. Y'shtola gets a death fakeout every expansion and this title just says she survives all of them.

  30. Fully expect next expansion is the twins back in full force considering they've been on the bench since 6.0 ended & likely up to .55 will remain benched.

  31. Tbh, I want them to stay benched and get aged up for the next time we see them. Them still being 16 after everything that has happened is pretty weird.

  32. I recommend the fixed setting and stick it in a corner of your choice.

  33. Fixed setting is so much better that it should be the default.

  34. FYI if you are affected by the huge queue and it's just one server, right-click your character and do a World Visit from the character select screen. You'll bypass the queue and be put on another world.

  35. I feel like I'm the only person on Reddit who doesn't care for mechanical keyboards. Is there anyone else out there?

  36. You mean you don't like spending 4x the price for a keyboard that's louder, heavier, and wastes more of your time as you fiddle with different switches?

  37. Physical Range DPS can keep their rotation going while running all over the place. It's kinda their thing

  38. MCHs are already feeling bad. I didn't wanna be cruel.

  39. One thing I really want is for G'raha to have a moment when he sings. He's canonically a good singer (it was in his bio back in ARR) and his VA is also a good singer... make it happen Squeenix, I beg you!

  40. Probably hard to coordinate a song for all four VAs across languages.

  41. I just avoid combat job quests after HW until 70. Better to do the whole story uninterrupted since you don't get abilities from then until the end. Really wish they'd change the 52-60 rewards to match this.

  42. Once I hit 50 on any job, I usually don't bother with job quests until the next 10th level (60, 70, 80 for example). Unless it's your first job, then do them as they appear, but usually, on secondary jobs, you aren't going to see "current level" content if all you're doing is leveling via roulettes anyways.

  43. I level in spurts, almost always through dungeons. So I queue up between 50-60 for the current highest and will need those abilities.

  44. Of course it will go higher. There will be a new raid in 6.4 and the gear will be an upgrade over what we just got. That's just the way MMO gearing works.

  45. At the start, treat it like a single player game with social elements. The story starts a bit slow and you might not get really hooked on it until around the time you start Heavensward (the first expansion), but I suggest keeping an open mind and not trying to rush through things.

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