1. She can miss me with her queerphobic culture war bullshit. If she's there to speak against war escelation then good. We can have solidarity on that.

  2. Q: According to media reports, a Chinese unmanned airship has been spotted in US airspace. Do you have any comment?

  3. The Republicans losing their absolute shit on twitter yesterday was distrubing AF.

  4. So if you reduce the market supply by dumping 30k liters, aren't you contributing to rising costs?

  5. 1st minute - not a civilian or military threat. Sec. of Defense Austin will hold a bilateral meeting with the Australian Deputy Prime Minister.

  6. Now that Republicans have the house they've racheted up the anti China rhetoric. AUKUS needs a hit of that sweet sweet MIC buck$.

  7. Someone put boingy sounds every time she bops around.

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