Bank robber gets blood all over the floor

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  1. Non-native English speaker here. Can you define “ugly tomato-heads” in this context?

  2. A person who has usually taken too many drugs (alcohol, steroids, meth, etc.) that cause their blood vessels to dilate. This results in their skin turning bright red due to the increased blood flow under the surface, which causes their head to resemble an ugly tomato.

  3. “Is anyone going to pick up those lemons off the ground?”

  4. Yeah it already jumped over a mile to the ground, then encounters something with less resistance and then jumps back to more resistance through the air. That would be the equivalent of us running over a field, then through a puddle of water and then back into the field. You'll lose more energy doing that because you encounter more resistance in the middle after you've already expended energy for the trip, making that second leg more of a drain than it normally would be. Same thing when two people are holding hands and one gets shocked, the other feels a lesser sensation because it's already lost energy to the first person.

  5. You have a very poor understanding of how electricity works. As the lightning is traveling toward the ground it is forced to go through the air. If it encounters anything along that path more conductive than the air, it’ll start flowing through that material on its path to the ground. Electricity doesn’t lose energy by switching materials. It loses energy due to the resistance of whatever material it’s traveling through. The resistance of metal is far lower than the energy required to turn air into plasma so it’ll conduct current. Therefore the lightning bolt uses less energy by traveling through the metal from or the car. Once it reaches the bottom of the frame it’ll jump back through the air to the ground. Yes it’ll lose energy, buts it’s the only way to the ground and a lightning bolt has millions of volts and plenty of amps to spare, so it has more than enough energy to jump that gap. In fact it has no choice at all in the matter, the energy must flow to ground, and by the path of least resistance. Traveling, even a short length, through the metal of the car uses less energy than traveling through an equivalent length of air. Extra energy isn’t lost from jumping between conductors. So the path of least resistance is always going to be through any nearby metal object, like a car, on the way to the ground.

  6. Dude, what? How would attaching a electro-muscle stimulator to either side of a magnet help with anything? So confused….

  7. And just like that he goes on the douchebag list. NFT's are nothing but scams.

  8. Wow, all it took was his name being mentioned in one article related to NFTs and you instantly hate him? He never even once verbally supported NFTs. He didn’t even have a single comment in the entire article.

  9. Agreed, also in the UK and we are removing hard shoulders. So don’t stop.

  10. Stop in shock because you were almost a part of the accident? Or just because you were shocked you saw the accident and thought “wow, what if that was me?” Because almost being in an accident is definitely grounds to pull over.

  11. This isn’t a meme though. It isn’t even funny. Who would copy-pasta this? No one. It has -89 upvotes for god’s sake…


  13. Like... I've just realised... As he died in the revolving door... Do you think they had to push the door with his dead body inside to get inside? That's gotta be pretty fucked up...

  14. Actually, if you watch closely, one of the very first things shot is one of the glass panels encasing the revolving door. When he passes out/dies in the revolving door, you can actually see his hand kind of fall out and through where the glass pane used to be. So really they can walk straight into the front door of the building, and through where the curved glass wall used to be, without revolving the door at all.

  15. What is happening here? Why did he sink like that? How does he get air now he’s at the bottom? JFC. I hate this.

  16. He’s a famous free-diver who’s being filmed by his wife, who’s also free-diving at the same time. Although it wasn’t all shot in one dive, they did make multiple full free-dives to the bottom, with the shots then being spliced together into one video.

  17. Yeah….. no. It’s multiple real free-dives to the bottom, spliced together into one video.

  18. I'd imagine the camera men just swim out of view for each "cut". All you would need to do is wait a second or two for the first camera man to be out of view before cutting to the other camera angle in editing.

  19. One very clear example, watch the video closely as he’s sinking into the hole. Right before he touches down at the bottom, you can see a diver in full black below him with a large black camera that they leave floating. Immediately before this, however, as he’s still descending while slightly higher up, there is no one at the bottom of the hole. And yet he’s falling at a constant rate. There’s no way the camera went from trailing behind him to instantly waiting at the bottom. Therefore it had to be shot in at least two takes/dives.

  20. That dude was on mushrooms, milk actually cuts the mushrooms and starts you coming down.

  21. No it doesn’t. And even if it did, it wouldn’t be helpful. Assuming absolutely everything in your comment is true, (which it clearly isn’t,) the effects of psilocybin last anywhere from 6-8 hours. So even if the milk immediately stopped any further absorption of psilocin from the stomach into the blood stream and started him coming down, the dude is already heavily tripping and likely peaking. Even if his peak ended immediately when he drank the milk, the effects would continue for several more hours throughout the comedown, at the very least in, in the best circumstances.

  22. Yes it does, the milk and calcium line the stomach and stop the psilocybin from continuing to enter the bloodstream. There are also other things you can take but milk is the most readily available, also cheaper.

  23. For one, while it is likely his psychosis is drug-induced, there’s no way to tell what drug he’s on. Why would you immediately assume psilocybin mushrooms? There are tons of natural and synthetic deliriants/hallucinogens that can cause effects identical to those seen in the video.

  24. Except that his could easily be explained by the terms, “gangstalking” and “targeted individual” being more prevalent in the news, causing people to look them up online to see what they mean. The other two terms, “electronic harassment” and “v2k” haven’t even really increased.

  25. I got it all for free a few days after getting my quest

  26. How’d you get it all for free? Is there a package deal with the Quest 2 or something?

  27. No, just randomly got a notification. I think it was a promotion for the Quest 1

  28. Oh, wow, for real?? Like just in the past few days? I’m actually borrowing my sister’s Quest 1 right now. Where was the notification, the main menu screen?

  29. Thanks for the advice man 🙏 I'm just worried about the little bit of alcohol being in my system theres not a lot of info on it for small amounts it just says don't do it but that's all if you've taken a lot of alcohol so I'm just trying to be as safe as possible

  30. I’m also a recovering opioid addict. Be really careful not to get yourself hooked on this type of stuff. It’s not a fun road to go down.

  31. Anyone have anything about this? I feel like if this is true then we’d be hearing more about it!

  32. If this is talking about what I think it is, this isn’t a new document. This info was released almost two decades ago and was just an exercise among researchers.

  33. It should really be The Fastest Things in the Universe, considering Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

  34. I have so many questions, even if you accept the premise ....

  35. And how were they able to plan and coordinate this scenario with the pilots in the plane, when the pilots aren’t able to contact ATC???

  36. You can always touch sand instead, unless you find it course and rough and irritating.

  37. This all sounds very similar to an incident near some lake in Russia as well. I can’t recall what the name of the lake is but they supposedly turn the soldiers into stone in that one as well. Probably not much help but thought I’d add that

  38. I think you’re thinking of the same incident as this. In other words, I don’t think this post is new info, it’s been around for a while. The only other big Russian alien story I can think of is Lake Vostok but that involved divers.

  39. As terrible as this situation is, I think they have them in quite a lot of countries, the U.S. included, but it’s more for like war tribunals or violent criminals, situations that aren’t typically televised.

  40. this is one of the reasons why I cannot date men who like anime ever again. i swear anime makes people so fucking weird.

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