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Tip of an iceberg of evidence -- Utilizing the same tracking methods used to identify and locate those prosecuted for Jan 6th, Gregg Phillips identifies 242 people that were found to have visited an average of 24 drop-boxes and 8 organizations in the Atlanta-Metro area, during the election of 2020.

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Im new and 10 minutens into this game where the hell I am?

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  1. The real question I would ask is why is a space program dosing arachnids with drugs to begin with? I didn’t look into the study so maybe there is a reason but it seems like the wrong company to be doing that and a waste of our tax money but hey who cares right? Science!!!

  2. I'm just being an ass it's totally subjective honestly they are all masonic turds we can argue all day over who the best president was like best president to whom exactly right? What I think may not line up with what you think but I think we can all agree at this point the president holds little to no real power in actual decision making as maybe he once did in the beginning stages of America after the revolutionary War and has become more of a puppet for the puppet masters of big business and tech. I like fucking with people on reddit sometimes but Donald Trump really is funny af to me and I love how triggered he makes lesbians and gays as well as some blacks. It's all so backwards. Like sure bro you can say whatever you want about us but when we say something back about you you're triggered lol foh

  3. They treat their employees like shit and the only reason they pass inspection is because of the good old boy network. Stay far away from that toxic place

  4. I'm pro choice all day long but that's a weird question to ask after he said they were murdering babies. Are you suggesting we murder other people or that abortion actually is murder.... Weird flex

  5. I'm too old to know what "flex" means. Are you suggesting that murder should be off the table?

  6. That's what makes this document so crazy! Cant believe the CIA actually considered that this could have happened.

  7. This all sounds very similar to an incident near some lake in Russia as well. I can’t recall what the name of the lake is but they supposedly turn the soldiers into stone in that one as well. Probably not much help but thought I’d add that

  8. Yes my memory is shit lol. I believe that's actually the lake and not lake vostok. That's probably why I couldn't find any articles for it under that lol

  9. To your first question I’d say since the game encourages exploration there is ultimately no wrong way to play it. You might mess up a storyline or two but if you plan to play it more than once then no big deal. To answer your second question, yes you can and you have to engage some things to make that happen. Hope that helps without spoiling anything

  10. Ya, but what if the chick is a twat? Should you still stay

  11. You made me chuckle. I'd say why would you have kids with a known twat?


  13. The connection that the Bush family had with Hinckley family and how the Bushes denied the relationship has always seemed like a conspiracy cover up to me

  14. I don’t think the Bush’s deny it if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t look it up right this second but I’m pretty sure Bush was having dinner with a Hinckley the night Reagan was shot

  15. The Bush’s made the relationship to be more of a “we run in the same circles” rather than a direct, decades long friendship

  16. I agree, there is actually a word, it's called unpossible "unachievable" rather then impossible "seemingly unachievable" or was it the other way around

  17. I always heard "give me some rope, tied to a tree. Give me the hope, to run out of steam."

  18. It could be a mandala effect. I always heard what you heard and recently noticed it was different lyrics a s well because of the closed captions

  19. Yup. You’re right, the lies and propaganda continue all these years later...A weird anomaly is Jim Morrison’s dad was part of Tonkin.

  20. You should read David McGowans Laurel Canyon book. Might not have been that much of an anomaly

  21. Indeed, I’ve heard of that book. I’m currently reading his “programmed to kill” book. Great author

  22. Yes he is. All fascinating. Also Tom O'Neills Chaos about Manson is brilliant

  23. I actually bought a small cake with that phrase on it. The cake makers were quite confused but made it anyway… that was such a good cake mmmmm

  24. Wait you didn't throw it on the ground? What a phony

  25. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten this much out of a game. I’m over 100hrs, over lvl 130, and still on my first play through because I’m checking every cave, crack, or cranny to dive into.

  26. I’ve only just gotten to the snow and I’m 250 hours in lol. This game is amazing

  27. Well to be fair, I hit the snow then doubled back to Mt. Gelnir, so I may be level 200+ by the time I get there proper.

  28. I’m only 117… I’ve lost a lot of ruins and spent some foolishly

  29. And then there are people like me who has played Elden Ring since day one and just got to the snowy mountain area.

  30. Yep just got there myself and have been playing since day one. I have 230 hours at this point as well lol

  31. My ex-girlfriend shitting in a litter box and showing it to me cause I was taking to long in the bathroom. That's one example

  32. I didn't know the big dragon was permanently asleep so I figured I'd avoid the boss fight by killing all the drakes.

  33. Is she permanently asleep? I was right by her yesterday and she lifted her head and roared. I thought she was dead or I guess asleep but when that happened I hightailed outta there lol

  34. She’s infested with scarlet rot. She can’t really move because of the way it has taken over her body. It’s the right thing to do. I support dragon euthanasia.

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