1. Waitress friend of mine would suggest you mine all of those tv rocks, plant some peach trees, and build you a home.

  2. Pretty much sums it up. I have nothing to add but: same.

  3. Good news, brother. Pumpkins are technically fruit. You’re still in the clear vegetable-wise.

  4. Does that really count as carving? I hope you got Rick rolled into last place lol!

  5. Definitely Harry investigating the pale. Hit up all the little churches around the islands with Kim… and Cuno, because your his pig and he can’t let you get your dumb ass killed.

  6. Stub your toe on the coffee table carrying a full mug of hot coffee.

  7. Team Dung Eater. Fuck literally everyone in that world.

  8. Been on the Sauron power addict train from the jump. He was just trying to stay clean and work a 9-5 at the forge, swore he’d never go back to the south lands.

  9. It’s a technicality. He’s not Gandalf, but when he dies at the end of the series, his spirit will return to become Gandalf. The subconscious memories of his time with the harfoots is why he’s so partial to hobbits.

  10. You better be serving drinks out of cut up plastic bottles.

  11. With great power comes the absolute certainty that you’ll turn into a right cunt.

  12. The Ents are not happy with what we’re doing to their cousins in the rainforest

  13. Very few really change the game. Just go with what feels right and take a different route if you play through again.

  14. Nobody would sit down for a show with a main character that looks like a Barbie version of the T-1000. Just picture that hair in a sword fight.

  15. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, work hard and believe yourself and once you’ve contorted the corpses of your workers and neighbors into a ladder, you too can climb into the ranks of the incredibly high net worth and manage to see his face.

  16. Need to learn how he ended up in the sea before we can know for sure, but I see him as kind of like a junkie. He’s trying to keep away and just find peace smithing and hiding out, but Galadriel forces him back into his old neighborhood and he sees an opportunity for power and his junkie mind just takes over. Soon as he sniffs that opportunity, the manipulation wheels just start turning and he dives right back in.

  17. I think he’s Proto-Gandalf. Gets killed at the end of the series and is sent back to become Gandalf when evil rises again.

  18. If Sauron really is as evil as everyone says, he won’t kill Adar. He’ll subjugate him and force him to watch his children become the bloodthirsty orc slaves we see in LoTR. Killed and eating each other without a thought.

  19. Halbrand’s name appears on screen and PowerPoint wipe transitions to Sauron

  20. Just saw them in Boston and I would never fault a crowd for not moving enough. I didn’t even want to bob my head because I didn’t want to miss a n y t h i n g. It’s as much a show as it is a concert. Totally awestruck from start to finish.

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