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  2. Ok, let's do some simple math. Let's say you have 10000 people. 70% (7000) of them are vaccinated. If there are 500 cases of covid and 55% of the Covid cases are in patients who are vaccinated, doesn't that mean a much greater percentage of the unvaccinated are actually getting sick?

  3. I don’t think you’re making the point you think you’re making.

  4. Imagine that they couldn't even find a real right wing exfremist to do their flase flag, had to use a left wing nutcase. That's all they have.

  5. Sure the last 5 incidents turned out to be false flags, but this time it’s actual extremists. Trust us bro- there’s no way we can get it wrong again.

  6. Why is every other post on this topic getting locked? Seems kinda important to discuss and get the truth out about the shooting, doesn't it? .-.

  7. Reddit Nazis will accuse you of homophobia and “site wide violations” for daring to notice.

  8. They SAY they advocate against child grooming. Is learning about families with two mothers or two fathers grooming? No? Because they don’t want that taught in schools either. This is like saying the Nazis were socialists because they called themselves such.

  9. What an utter strawman. Why do leftists try so hard to disparage gay people who are against pedophilia? They’re the living proof that not all gays are groomers, and you try to erase them off the internet

  10. Thank you for ignoring the “is learning about families with two mothers or two fathers grooming” piece. I don’t think you want to argue, just rage a bit more against an internet stranger.

  11. So far, he’s fired over half the staff, and Twitter finally got rid of its child porn problem. It’s a hopeful start.

  12. So unlawfully firing over half the staff is a “good start”? I thought creating jobs was good? I also don’t know how you think he “got rid” of the child porn problem, I see nothing supporting that notion.

  13. Unlawful? California is an at-will state. You can be fired for literally any reason, outside of being gay or black.

  14. Desperate pseudoscience on full display in that article. It’s pure associative conjecture with no research or data.

  15. It’a a “mini review”- i.e they picked out a few studies that confirmed their groupthink, and called it a day

  16. don’t u know? we’re magicians and anything we think comes true! this is really all our faults

  17. Last year, we were spreading diseases that we ourselves never had.

  18. No. Eventually he will assign a staffer to repost what he puts on Truth Social six or more hours after the original post.

  19. I feel like you can write a script to do that, and more accurately. No need to pay man hours to handle that.

  20. Cool.. Germany also plans to fine the unvaccinated. And Canada is going to put them on conditioning meds that relax you into being less anxious to taking them.

  21. Canada is incredibly messed up. The healthcare system is overburdened, so they keep legalizing “assisted suicide” (euthanasia) for more and more people. It used to be foe the terminally ill- now there’s a bill to extend it to depressed teenagers.

  22. Basically yes. I never heard about it until Elon bought Twitter. Seems to exist for the opposite reason of Gab or Gettr.

  23. This is completely wrong. The level of censorship is 100% dependent on who runs the server you join. You can run your own server and have 0 censorship. Some servers block entire servers. It is what people should have went to instead of Gab and Gettr.

  24. Wait til OP finds out who the Nazis are fighting for this time…

  25. the bots almost evened the poll up but elon closed it before they did. 😂🤣

  26. https://fortune.com/2022/11/20/former-twitter-employees-horrified-by-musk-reinstating-trump-account/amp/

  27. I don’t know man. When Biden tweets that he lowered gas prices, it gives me a pretty good chuckle.

  28. To be honest, seeing a single Biden flag was the most surprising part. It’s rare even in California, except San Francisco.

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