1. Yeah, most EM and EH shippers have weird AF views of Eren and his character. Both delude themselves with a fantasy verison of him.

  2. you, you get it. EHs see eren as some sigma chad hyper macho yaegerist (despite failure being like, a primary defining feature of eren's inner character and conflict) and EMs see him as some oblivious uwu 19-year old baby who did it all for his friends (despite putting their lives at risk multiple times). Both of these ships make him severely out of character to pander to whatever the shipppers want from him.

  3. Eremin doesn't do either and it also validates the real Ellen better than EM lol, bc muh book

  4. The types of EHs who want Eren to do everything ✨only✨ for his wife and bamby and genuinely consider it great, consistent writing are as delulu as EMs, it would be so out of character bc first of all, Eren does things bc he personally wants them too. It gives the same vibes as "Zoro would kill anyone if ordered by Luffy 🥴🥴".

  5. in aot everyone lost except for jean

  6. His plot armour was so colossal that the writer himself forgor that his ODM gear was broken 😂😂😂

  7. Who would face back problems for the next 10 rebirths at least after getting their spine splattered against a tree 😫😫?

  8. I want to fuck Pieck Finger from Attack on Titan (TV series 2013-2023)

  9. Call Your Name is a song about Mikasa and the death of her dovebro, from Jean's perspective

  10. You might be onto something. What do you think? Maybe Petra and Hange got a little closer or even went on a date?

  11. Yes, and Petra opens up to Hange about her feelings for Levi after a while. If you decide to publish this fic, I'll become your loyal reader, for 10 years at least.

  12. I am. But I admit, the fanfiction is actually a lot more complicated than just this. Which I'd be willing to share with you in the DMs, if you wish.

  13. Yeah I can understand that, you also have to find a way to keep Petra alive and fit her into post-FT arc plot.

  14. Am I the only one who finds something about this ED off-putting? The instruments go hard but it's almost like the rhythm of the words doesn't go well with them even though the vocals are great.

  15. How ? Why can't you see it ? Just asking lol.

  16. Omg I did not see the Playing the Angel post (still cannot, would have voted for The Pain That I'm Used To)! I guess Perfect from this one.

  17. canonically speaking he's honestly got more potential with armin than either of them if we're being serious (though obviously that probably wasn't intentional on yams' part), but man if eremika wasn't the most poorly written and forced ship of the series

  18. He only said that he wasn't her kid or little brother, he never denied the possibility of being her older brother LMAO

  19. isayama is rlly funny sometimes man cuz he was really out there like "i am capable of writing some of the most poetic, tender scenes you've ever seen . . . but I'll just give them to the MC's homie rather than the canonical love interest lmao"

  20. I only really despise post-ts (and Lost Girls, but that's a different story) Mikasa bc she's entirely limited to choosing between Ereh and the world, I thought that struggle was already resolved in Uprising. I found her acceptable in the WfP flashbacks but even there was some lazy writing, would have loved to know what she was about to say regarding Historia's sacrifice but Eren interrupted her. It makes it clear that Isayama knows that she sells so well as an overprotective clingy waifu that he doesn't need to think much about what to do with her, bc the behavior of her post-timeskip self is consistent with the anime but is a colossal regression compared to the manga.

  21. Wdym? Armin’s eyes are supposed to be like Erwin’s uwu my poor meow meow

  22. The anime gave eyeliner to all the guys except Erwin and Armin, the parallelograms and foreshortening was always there 🙀🙀🙀🙀

  23. I like the anime green eyes on cute little Eren and grey eyes + black hair on hot adult Eren. Brown eyed Armin seems a lot less generic. Blue eyes were a way of WIT to connect him with Erwin + the connection with umi da makes them all the more pretentious.

  24. They said that they suddenly sifted closer in another frame (maybe Mikasa's flashback?), so shifting closer = moving towards each other on the aisle 🥰🥰😘

  25. Eren is looking so good 1 & 2 but hobo brother was better in the manga. Still crying about the "analysis" that the way Mopper animated What am I to you? symbolized a Christian wedding.

  26. Paradis or any other country having an internal civil war after 80% omnicide really isn't all that deep. It isn't deep at all imo.

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