1. One of the unsung success stories on the Eastside has been the Northland Corridor, an area of abandoned and underutilized industrial land in the heart of the Eastside.

  2. Idk how I feel about one man being able to buy up all this property in Buffalo. Wish the government would actually do something and revitalize them instead. Community centers, health clinics, grocers, affordable housing... Plus isn't Jemal a Trump supporter?

  3. Yeah, WNY is a metro area the size of a few states. Lived there for thirty one years. Nice place to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there as it is a war zone. Just like every other forsaken city on this list.

  4. What? Did you actually explore Buffalo proper?

  5. Yes. Had some really good times as a child, teen and young adult in Buffalo. Played winter sports, graduated from college, worked as a musician and owned a bar/restaurant all in Buffalo. I am proud of my heritage and proud to be from NY. Especially loved the close vicinity to Toronto, Ontario❣️

  6. Yeah, sounds like you moved away from Buffalo before the Renaissance really started to take off.

  7. Moog, Ford, Tesla, Lactalis, Retech, Buffalo Manufacturing Works, Virindi Parente, Calspan, General Mills

  8. Buffalo is doing great at diversifying the economy, reversing the brain drain, developing old abandoned industrial sites and ensuring affordable housing is being built.

  9. Canadians moving or living in Buffalo has come up quite a bit under this sub lately. Curious what's driving the move to the states?

  10. No, neither is Niagara Falls on the Canadian side which is St Catherine’s-Niagara.

  11. Here’s the things working against your argument though, both Indy and mini are the only real cities in their entire states. Indy is weird in that you could easily move to cinci or Louisville or even Chicago. But if you wanted to stay in Indiana (dear god why) it’s Indy or bust. Columbus is it’s own thing so I won’t touch on it here.

  12. Ok, what about Grand Rapids which is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, also gets a shit ton of snow being off the East Coast of Lake Michigan and having almost the same sized metropolitan area as Buffalo.

  13. Realistically you do need to be making over 100k household now to own property here, at least in a desirable area or remotely close to one.

  14. The fact that Seattle and Portland Oregon are on this list make it not credible. Good luck parking your car in Portland and it not getting broke into… good luck affording your 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom house for 900k in Seattle

  15. Many evangelicals are moved simply by pro-life positions over anything else.

  16. The issue is that this is no longer a reason to show up for pro-lifers in many states.

  17. I think it’s relatable to a lot of people between the inappropriate, near-incompetent boss, the try hard coworker, coworkers with typical bad habits, the coworker who graduated from a good school and isn’t afraid to hide it, etc.

  18. Buffalo’s not bad for basic hiking (plus some great gorge trails), but you’d probably want Syracuse or Albany since they’re a bit closer to the Andirondacks.

  19. Best thing that can happen to the GOP is moving on from Trump. Plenty of GOP candidates have similar platforms as trump but without all the baggage.

  20. Best thing for the Republicans to do is to take the success they had in Virginia and take that nationwide.

  21. Eh, Iguazu is taller and wider but I wouldn’t call Niagara puny by any metric.

  22. Is this data from the same people who said shutting down the country for 2 weeks would have flattened the curve?

  23. It did. Most of the deaths came after we opened back up and skyrocketed as states lifted mandates.

  24. So one of the big issues everyone had with the old map was it put WNY and Watertown in the same district.

  25. Yes, because lumping in Depew with Elmira and South Wales with the Thousand Fucking Islands is soooo much better than the previous maps...

  26. Tell rural NY to grow in population. Otherwise this is what you get because urban centers are the ones growing.

  27. Erie is the unfortunate county that got divided up. On the positive side it will give WNY three reps in Congress.

  28. Why should the adjacent tenants provide the rental subsidy, as opposed to the government? Why should Jeff Bezos and his single family dwelling be exempt from contributing to this?

  29. Why is padding the pocket book of a wealthy developers a better alternative?

  30. The issue of unfunded mandates and underfunded services is certainly a real one. I live in New York so I know the problems of NYCHA very well (and it's all just lack of funding for a non politically important demographic).

  31. Yep, the initial cost is the most expensive. In theory it should be mostly self sufficient after enough housing has been built and rent payments begin to come pouring in.

  32. Uhm no. CC is hard enough to get in new york. We need more law abiding citizens carrying so people would think twice about doing some stupid bullshit like this. Not like it would help against body armour.

  33. Doesn’t stop this shit in Texas where everyone and their dog qualifies to CC and many do. Why would it prevent it in NY.

  34. BLM isn’t “Only Black Lives Matter” it’s “Black Lives Matter Too”

  35. Take a public bus instead. They leave once an hour. Waaaay more convenient.

  36. So ive actually made that move before; I'm originally from New York and have been living in Washington for almost a decade now. It depends on what youre looking for. Washington has fewer taxes, nicer nature, and is overall cheaper than NY if you're outside Seattle proper (not by much though). However NY has much better public transit (for the USA), denser population, and I find a better attitude among the people. I'm not sure what it is but I still prefer interacting with folks from the northeast than the northwest but that could just a differance in culture.

  37. NY has TONs of nature though. Not all of the state is NYC.

  38. No. You get lush green scenery at the cost of grey depressing weather. Most of the time it’s rainy and wet here and barely get sun for 1-2 hrs a day.

  39. I mean this is true for most of the Northern US.

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