1. Slept well after that one that’s for sure

  2. Penelope is great. Wonder how/if they are going to change now that mgp is acquiring them. I’d imagine they will release something high age and allocated at the very least in the near future.

  3. Here’s to hoping it stays somewhat the same as it’s a delicious drop

  4. Last Call Liquor has had regular Weller Antique 107 available @ $350 AUD for a couple months now

  5. Have seen that one, asked around and a few people had been scammed by that site…. from what I was told, so decided to leave it be.

  6. Sounds like rubbish. Can confirm Last Call Liquor is a legitimate business. I've recieved all my orders placed with them successfully and they only have 5 star reviews on google.

  7. Well that’s good you had a good experience. May bring myself to trust them for future purchases knowing that.

  8. Damn, your timing must be on point

  9. Fries for 12 mins at this temp. Then drained for 3 mins and then one last quick minute back in the oil. The double fry makes it super crispy!

  10. The dirty double double can never disappoint haha

  11. Thank you. Life goes on is my motto…. Time doesn’t wait for no one.

  12. If you can name the industry, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

  13. Appreciate it mate. I would say it’s small fitness electronics

  14. A quick Google for "product design brisbane" turned up these guys among quite a few others

  15. Much appreciated. I tended to keep searching for “invention help”…. But your wording makes much more sense lol

  16. Once I get these bags to fruiting I’ll do it!!! I have the stuff for it !! Idk why I didn’t before !

  17. Deffinetly keep me in the loop, would love to see how it turns out and if it keeps!

  18. Go for it and let me know, but mushrooms generally have air pockets and inherent microbes that will eat the hell out of them air or not.

  19. I myself have no access to either of the items needed for this. Was just a post as I was curious lol

  20. ok right on bro. I’ve seen people talk highly about it thats why i asked. thank you

  21. See I would say hell yes it is. I enjoyed it more than the 15 and the 20.

  22. The way I see it. You won’t regret it if you do…. But if you miss the chance. I think you would regret it.

  23. Indeed it was a very great day trying some unicorns

  24. Yep for me that was the 2 standouts. Not to say that’s what your tastebuds would also prefer though

  25. Does anyone know the name of the book that had illustrations like Anamalia, but it was just pictures and no story line. Each page has hidden animals or faces made up from random things in the drawings. Like how 2 trees with there branches would make a dolphin out of the negative space between them?

  26. Is there a brand on this or anything? Would love to get something like this for myself!

  27. Have you had the True Blue cask strength? I’m not a fan of most Balcones lower proof offerings, but their CS bottles have almost all been excellent.

  28. No I can’t say I’ve had it. I have another exlclusive cask strength that was bottled for a whisky club I am in, and it’s delicious.

  29. Baby blue is one of the few whiskeys i do not like it tasted very medicinal to me. Hope you did not have the same experience.

  30. I didn’t pick up on any medicinal notes, it was a little lacking in complexity for me. But I did get the heavy corn influence.

  31. Are you pairing these with cigars? Just curious

  32. Often I do yes, montecristo #2 is my go to.

  33. Hell yeah, nice. I've yet to pick that one up but will definitely give it a try.

  34. You won’t be disappointed. It goes with everything

  35. I’m in Australia if that interests you?

  36. Whoa, whoa, whoa what happened to the fried SM dimmies? I know supplies are low but I snagged a 6 pack at Coles recently in the freezer section.

  37. I’m referring to the olllld giant very yellow dim sims you could get a fish and chip shops maybe 10 years ago. The factory burned down and they had there own recipe. It was very large, like the size of a softball

  38. I've been eyeing the Abunadh, saw it locally today for $180 CAD after tax though. My local shop said they can get it in for around d $130 CAD so just waiting on them. Thank you for the recommendation!

  39. I garuntee you won’t be disappointed. It’s become my go to and the only bottle I purchased more than one of in 2022. And considering how many bottles I finished last year…. Lol

  40. Aberlour Abunadh, the sherry finish not the oak cask. It’s cask strength at about 125 proof. And absolutely delicious. As far as sherry bombs go, you will struggle to find something much more loved or regarded as this.

  41. Just curious which whiskey is on the left side of Rebreas i am unable to read the label

  42. Apologies. It’s “Overeem” “man of promise”, an absolutely amazing dram, very viscous and cask strength whisky

  43. How do you like that redbreast? I ordered the 1997 all sherry and am still waiting on delivery.

  44. It’s amazing, I’m a big fan of anything sherry cask though

  45. Of what you have pictured, the Old Forester Statesman has the highest known rye content at 18%.

  46. Thanks for the info mate… seems google steered me wrong on this occasion.

  47. A bar near me has Van Winkle flights (10, 12, 15) for $125 & BTAC (THH, WLW, GTS) for $95 (0.75 ounces each pour). They have the other Wellers too, 1.5 oz pours but I don't remember the prices offhand.

  48. Oh now that sounds like I would spend a lot of my time at that bar…. Exactly what I’m chasing but unfortunately nothing like it near me in Aus

  49. Not Sure the legality of it, but if I find any weller for MSRP or close to it I could try shipping it your way! (Hopefully the ATF isn’t listening.) If that’s something you’re interested in.

  50. Deffinetly would be mate! That’s awsome

  51. If you can get a copy of the bourbon Bible they're readily available on eBay here it's a great book to do research on Bourbon.

  52. Will go buy one now. Much appreciated mate!

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