1. I remember my mind being numb as I tried to process that it actually happened. Was 18.

  2. The Babysitters Club. For a girl Kristy (Thomas) or Stacey (McGill). For a boy Logan (Bruno).

  3. Craig Krenzel is our insurance guy. He was friends with my FIL. Came to my FIL'S funeral. My husband has done a few auto cad drawings for him as well.

  4. 10 years old running laps in the church basement for gym class. The gym teacher had the radio on.

  5. Lots of people are talking about finding black pepper super spicy but not having problems with other spices. I am starting to think that maybe there is a cilantro-tastes-like-soap gene for black pepper🤨

  6. That would be interesting. I just got a result on 23&me saying I have the gene that makes it more likely that cilantro tastes like soap. I hate cilantro!

  7. In the middle of a severe thunderstorm while camping by a river with 15 other kids and 6 adults. Woke up to the rain tarp flew off and my tent mate and I had to huddle under our sleeping bags because we're told not to leave the tent in these situations.

  8. There's New California Cemetery and Darby Township Cemetery in Plain City.

  9. In a tent on a hill beside a river on a canoe/camping trip during a severe thunderstorm. The longest night in my life.

  10. I’m confused as to why you’d want her to go early (other than financially as that’s all you mention in the post).

  11. She did well in her preschool class and wanted to do what her 1st grade sister was doing learning wise. If her birthday wasn't the day after I wouldn't have bothered.

  12. I would be curious if your school district participates in universal preschool and covers the cost of prek. I also live in Iowa and all the school districts around me offer prek for no cost to you for the half day.

  13. I'm located in Ohio, forgot to put it in the op. I'm not sure why they use the Iowa Acceleration Scale in Ohio but they do. They have a preschool program at the elementary but its special ed with typical mentors with about 16 spots, so hard to get in.

  14. I'm in the Midwest USA. I physically can't drive Manual thanks to not trusting my left hand on the wheel. I have cerebral palsy.

  15. I want to scream into the void that I hate living with my MIL. I can't bring it up because it frustrates my husband.

  16. This is living hell. Though only marginally better than my parents. I feel trapped.

  17. I would have been Danielle/Dani or Stephanie/Stevie. Was named an equally popular name of the 80s. Had at least a half dozen girls with my name in elementary school.

  18. The only song I know by heart is Tim McGraw's Don't Take the Girl.

  19. Omg! I sing this one as well. Like quite often. My husband would prefer I didn’t because it sounds so sad.

  20. I used to sing it the kiddos the infants in daycare before my kids. Worked like a charm.

  21. The murder of Betty Gore in Wylie, TX June 13, 1980. Been watching the limited series Love and Death on HBO Max starring Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery.

  22. NTA I was there in 2001 for my aunt's wedding. My new uncle walked us back to our hotel with a baseball bat at his side.

  23. I'm so sorry. Pancreatic cancer is the worst. Like others have said talk to the counselor or a teacher. For close friends you could write letters or record videos for them.

  24. With 2 older sisters I'm constantly hearing Mommy, Bub is climbing! Mommy, Bub is standing on my toys!, Mommy, Bub stinks! Mommy Bub is hitting me! Mommy, Bub is throwing things!

  25. Nothing to do with accent in those that I've heard pronounce it that way.

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