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  1. The three works I've most enjoyed with a focus on Native Americans:

  2. Learning about the Comanches and Quanah Parker in Empire of the Summer Moon was very powerful as well.

  3. I haven’t read that one but I’ve owned it for ages so it’s probably time I read it! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Beautiful! There’s nothing like the love of a rescue pup 😭😭😭 PS her little ears are EVERYTHING. So cute!

  5. Based on Braiding Sweetgrass, The Hidden Life of Trees is mind blowing. The Sixth Extinction would be a runner up.

  6. The Kite Runner/A Thousand Splendid Suns

  7. Against the Loveless World, The Island of Missing Trees, The Beekeeper of Aleppo, Shanghai Girls, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, or The Island of Sea Women!

  8. This sounds fairly similar to my early symptoms (including the water in the knee) so it’s definitely possible. The blood test is a start but 30-40% of people can be seronegative meaning the blood work may or may not tell you anything. For me, the way they were able to diagnose was through X-rays. My labs came back normal but my X-rays showed clear arthritis and given that it was bilateral and severe for my age and I had no history of trauma that could cause OA (plus the same symptoms in other joints) they were able to find it that way. It won’t work for everyone because in the early stages it may not be visible in imaging, but X-rays or MRIs may be helpful in diagnosing what’s going on, so just something to consider depending on what happens with your labs. Maybe worth keeping in mind and discussing with your doctor!

  9. Oh, interesting! 30-40% ?! That seems so high but I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m also scheduled for an X-ray on Tuesday. I wouldn’t think that mine (if I have it) is in it’s early stages considering the discomfort but I suppose I also don’t know too much about it all. Especially considering that everything being said, I may come back with an entirely different issue that isn’t RA. I don’t necessarily think that’ll be the case but I’m working on total assumption here lmao But anyways thank you for your advice, I seriously appreciate the kind words and hope the best for you as well

  10. I could be wrong, but I believe it’s quite high! I remember it being higher than expected when I learned about seronegative.

  11. For those wanting to claim their charitable donation on their taxes, donate to the Friends of the Library. They are generally 501(c)(3) organizations. Then they can pass it on to the library.

  12. Yes! Friends of the Library that’s it, thank you! I am thankful to be in a position to donate so I’ve been meaning to add it to my entertainment budget and consider it like a “streaming” cost for free books. Considering what I spend on streaming services and that I get as much or more use out of my library I’ve been meaning to set that up for ages and this is a great reminder to go do that.

  13. Something folks may not know is that donating to the friends and the library are kind of two separate things. At least where I work we have to request money from the friends and they can choose to approve or deny. You can also donate straight to your library if there is something specific you’d like your money to go towards.

  14. That’s great to know, thank you! I haven’t really looked into it much yet but it’s been on my to-do list so I’ll definitely look into the different ways to donate. I didn’t know about needing approval!

  15. This sentence made me absolutely sick to read 💔💔💔 Thank you for saving this sweet one.

  16. Sending you lots of good vibes, friend. I’m so sorry. I’m not relieved you got it young, but I AM relieved you got the diagnosis young - at least this way you can start your medications and treatments before too much more damage sets in. I started having symptoms around the same age, and RA was thrown around, but it was nearly a decade before anyone thought to order the actual bloodwork (and even then, mine showed up my in X-rays, not my labs). So as much as it sucks to get sick so young, I’m thankful you didn’t have to spend another 10-20 years fighting for recognition and that your primary care had the foresight to test you. Given some of the horror stories we see on here about bad doctors, it’s a small blessing, but it’s something. Thankfully, there’s some great treatment options out there and between those and lifestyle changes it’s totally possible to live a great life. It may not always be as easy as others, but I do love my life, and I fully believe that while it can be hard, it’s possible for others to have fully happy lives with RA, too.

  17. Yep. My sketchers slip ons are my FAVORITE shoe. Love them!! That reminds me I need to go order more pairs 😂

  18. Psalm of the Wild-Built and The Buried Giant!

  19. Based on Psalm of the Wild Built maybe {{Piranesi}} if you haven’t read it! Another short sweet fantasy style book.

  20. Based on The Kite Runner, maybe {{Against the Loveless World}} or {{The Island of Missing Trees}} * but note it’s been probably a decade since I read The Kite Runner!

  21. Whoah! I am not artistic so this blows my mind. Looks just like when I went for a visit! Amazing!

  22. Really? That's awesome, thank you! I've always wanted to visit. Even more so after hours of Google searching to gather the little details. Congrats on your achievement.

  23. I hope you get to make it over there! It was my first ever overseas trip, and it was absolutely lovely. You totally nailed it!

  24. all sorts of symptoms and all sorts of tests lol. if it can be tested via blood markers they’ve done it and it’s come back negative (though they haven’t tested for lyme). i don’t have narcolepsy type one, though i did take a sleep study and receive an idiopathic hypersomnia diagnosis. my spinal tap and mris with and without contrast are both totally clear.

  25. Oh, my god. I’m so sorry friend I have tears in my eyes just reading that. I’m so, so sorry. Fwiw - I have been there. There was a point in my life where I was so sick I didn’t believe I’d ever get better. I was never suicidal, and I’m thankful for that, but I remember often feeling like if that was all there was to life it didn’t feel very much worth living. BUT - I got better, and I believe you can, too ❤️ It took me years (god I hope it doesn’t take you that long!) but I did get there, eventually. And so just to give you a glimmer of hope, I believe it’s possible.

  26. wow. you are unbelievably empathetic and ridiculously kind. i SO appreciate the advice AND the compassion- both are helpful, so articulate, and so sweet. thank you so so much <3

  27. I’m so happy I could help. I know it’s so lonely and isolating and scary. It’s overwhelming at times.

  28. I actually have some luck with Voltaren gel! I think there’s regular and extra strength. It doesn’t take it away (does anything?) but for me it takes a bit of the edge off personally! I get mine at Costco in the states.

  29. I’ve tried Voltaren and it did nothing for me. That’s why I’m looking for CBD topicals. But thanks!

  30. Oh sorry I totally missed the CBD part of your title 🤦‍♀️ I haven’t personally had luck with CBD which is why I didn’t recommend one but a friend had luck with the ShiKai unscented topical CBD - it doesn’t have cooling essential oils like a lot of them do if you don’t like the icy hot feeling (I don’t). Didn’t really help me with arthritis pain (but it’s helped with some generic aches and pains) but I know others it’s helped so it may be worth a try!

  31. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig. I can’t recommend this book enough. It was a huge In helping me heal and the get through tough times I dealt with.

  32. I started this book ages ago - it sounded so boring but it was the only book there (I don’t even remember where now!) and I remember it being beautifully written. I keep thinking I need to go back and reread/finish it!

  33. Oh my goodness one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen 😍😍😍 Such a sweet little one!

  34. I literally laughed out loud when I read this I would die to meet a cat named Catticus Finch 😂

  35. {{The Secret History}} screams either autumn or winter to me (can’t decide which!).

  36. The Americans is the best espionage show and it is not even close.

  37. Yep literally came here to say this. 100% top spy show ever, no question.

  38. For nonfiction that’s written really well, {{The Boys in the Boat}}, {{Killers of the Flower Moon}}, and {{Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland}} - all page turners!

  39. The reason you should finish the book is the same excellent reason why you began it: to understand your family better. The book will definitely give you a better understanding of what trauma is, how it happens, and how it affects people.

  40. This is very correct, imo. Plus, doctors MUST treat every patient, regardless of how horrid a human being they are. They take an oath to do that and it means sometimes separating their feelings. I have friends in healthcare who have had to keep murderers and rapists alive, but their job is not to judge. Their job is the preservation of life - “do no harm” extends to every human being, not just the ones an individual thinks are personally worthy of saving (plus as we’re seeing now the idea of doctors being able to deny patient care on the basis of personal beliefs is terrifying - I don’t want doctors making value judgments about who is worthy of care).

  41. therapists do have the ability to say that a person's issues are beyond the scope of their practice. There are a lot of therapists who don't treat patients with PTSD, and even fewer who will treat veterans with PTSD because they cannot remain objective enough to provide care for their patients. Van der Kolk's objectivity is being mistaken here for excusing the behavior.

  42. Yes sorry, I should have clarified that there are certain circumstances under which doctors don’t need to treat every patient (I was more referring to an emergency or life threatening situation - which is what I used to work in when I was in healthcare and so it’s what I am familiar with). In emergency settings you can’t turn someone away, but in clinical settings there are certainly times when you can (usually if the patient is abusive to staff or like the other responder mentioned when it’s out of the doctors’ scope of practice or they don’t have the training.

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