1. Im salty for mistress, since she had to accept it with grace.

  2. Wait, do you mean Aura’s?? Cuz I fully think it was Sasha’s win but Aura had one of the top runway looks last night (next to Sasha and Luxx imo).

  3. Me too, and the fact they didn’t touch on it at all was really weird. I guess because they went with the individual judging (which makes no sense with x3 out of the group being in the bottom)

  4. Tricking the queens like that was so fucking CAMP I ended up living for it but no I still did not find the writing funny, like just about every single scripted acting challenge on all the franchises :/ the one challenge I desperately wanted them to reprise was the super tease, one of the best eps for me in a long time!

  5. This person just hates Luxx, it’s all over their comment history 😇

  6. It’s not a runway look but the first look that blew my mind was Detox’s black and white at the season finale. It was just fucking uncanny how she literally looked like she was in a black and white television show next to everyone else

  7. Not me rly rly thinking when Salina was left on the stage she was gonna be in the top and Malaysia HARD in the bottom!? Also would’ve swapped Robin with Loosey but mostly mindfucked at how horribly wrong I called the Salina/Malaysia placements

  8. The thing is, there was a clear winner and the others were all kinda high/safe so it was a tough one to judge. I however really liked Malaysia and Robin’s looks and I also liked Salina and Jax’s 😂

  9. Yeah I super agree with the overall winner, and ultimately we got a great lip sync from Salina and she's still there so it's not the worst outcome or anything. I just really really disagreed with Malaysia's placement for the most part lmao. And even then, the whole group kinda slayed compared to many other design challenges!

  10. They’re cute! And look like concept art for a lil indie slice of life farming game

  11. Sorry Not Sorry, CTRL + ALT + DEL, and for better or worse now I can’t hear Dance in the Dark without envisioning a tiny clown frantically twirling and moonwalking

  12. I love Luxx. She’s definitely in on it and gives me major Fiercalicious vibes (who I also loved immediately), and I’d like to say that people will be changing their tune in an episode or two but who knows with this season’s cursed editing. Speaking of, idk how most of the queen’s Snatch Games can actually be called “trash” when no one got more than like 15s of air time total outside of the tops and lows 🤷‍♀️

  13. 3, 5, and also 11 for me. The way some girls would make rounds with who they were yelling at on 11’s was hilarious, A’keria the pot stirrer, Yvie’s facial expressions - all of it was so good. And then it was immensely satisfying to see the majority of the girls also make up, or at least understand each other more, as the season wound down.

  14. I felt that she had just as much makeup on as Dakota Schiffer. No shade, just curious why they never read Dakota for that. Both are gorgeous naturally so idc but this critique seems inconsistent.

  15. I thought they did read Dakota for that? Maybe I’m making it up cause I assumed they would have.

  16. Poppy said “Jax’s entire group was screaming”, that hardly equates to “Jax attacked Sugar” ml the narrative ppl wanna spin lol

  17. Yeah I don’t necessarily think Jax did anything wrong. With what we know, the twins talk a lot and I’m sure in the beginning Sugar wasn’t giving anyone space to breathe or, like Jax explicitly said, give anyone time to organize anything and they only had an hour to make the damn thing. Yeah she touched Sugar but it seemed more like guiding and certainly not aggressive, it’s not up to anyone else to dictate whether Sugar was or should have been bothered by it (I mean they’ve known each other 2-3 weeks at this point?). That said I do think she (Jax) should have been in the bottom for taking up that responsibility and failing to deliver. The judging this week, after an incredibly fair week 1, was whack as hell.

  18. It’s fine, but Luxx’s just looks so much better? Like it feels like they were both going for the liquid gold look but unfortunately Amethyst’s is a lil too crinkled. She is still cute tho and it’s still one of my preferred looks of the night overall but objectively not like a “wow that’s so good she shoulda been saved”.

  19. When Poppy actually got screen time I was living for her humor and everything she was saying.

  20. It was messy as hell yes, but I thought it was hilarious and had some really good quips (mostly towards Bianca lmao). I’ll also never think of Loosey’s name the same way again THANKS JINKX

  21. Runways overall were pretty average honestly, this one and I think Jax were my fav

  22. I liked Spice’s a lot more than Sugar’s. She just emoted and connected a bit better. Glad Sugar made sure they got ready in time though 🙈

  23. Seeing videos of Yvie and Ra’jah holding hands and walking together got me all emotional

  24. CTRL + ALT + DEL by Reve. After the Kimmy/Vivian lip sync I was obsessed.

  25. I legitimately have listened to this song at least once a day since that lip sync. And it was a great lip sync overall from both queens (Kimmy gorging, of course)

  26. I actually just rewatched this episode tonight and I’m STILL pissed Scarlet wasn’t AT LEAST in the top. All three of her looks tie together which is super smart, her witch was unique, and her Creature homage but make it ~fashion~ is actually nigh perfect. BLH’s presence was the best yes (though honestly Scarlet’s monster presentation was also really good) but aside from her witch look, they were too simple (and after they read Ariel for not being monster, I don’t see monster in Brooke’s at all?). Yvie should’ve been safe with how much she fucked up her final look, so I’d swap her for Scarlet and honestly, A’keria was quite slept on too.

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