1. What signs? I need to see their backs running away to Mordor!

  2. You see, Ukrainians have a preset kill limit. Knowing their weakness, I'll send wave after wave after wave of our own men at them until they reach their limit and shut down.

  3. “The first man with rifle and second follow with ammo. First man dies second man picks up and fight on!”

  4. Desperately trying to ge a piece of great history into Mordor.

  5. It's time. Ukraine is fighting this war with one arm tied behind their back, they need to strike back

  6. It's insane, like being equipped with a shield in a fight when the other one has a mashine gun firing at you.

  7. Several national teams were stopped by Fifa when they wanted to wear the "One Love" armband.

  8. "you misunderstood, if you die it will be free, otherwise expensive, you must have known we were lieing, you stupid, need education, now pay" /Russia

  9. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summons the Ambassador of Hungary, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko.

  10. “Hey, my boot still has a foot in it”

  11. "Based on verified information, the Ruscists were smoking at their own military base which was located in one of the farmer enterprises."

  12. That's pretty smart...once the russians inside stop emitting any heat signatures from their bodies, they will be much harder to detect.

  13. Looks like hospitals will see alot of frostbites on Russian genitals!

  14. Today's canon fodder will look like elite soldiers compared to those poor sods left to be conscripted by then.

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