1. I use Kingston all the time.

  2. Stopped reading after first point… foking ridiculous

  3. Boomer… I’d love to see the house but it’s 5k miles away from me….

  4. World is small :) First time in Ruskin park, we had a nice walk around. I’m sure it’s very busy during the summer time thanks to the paddling pool.

  5. How long it takes to get to this level?

  6. Not RPG but I’d love to go back in time and see again first time Donkey Country on SNES and Tomb raider on Voodoo 3dfx

  7. You can check geolocation on the photo information if taken on iPhone, unless it’s turned off.

  8. I've played about as long as you have, and only ever Free To Play. I have been with the same Alliance the whole time, too!

  9. Musketeers quest is clear example how easily game is tweaked and manipulated. In my opinion calling E&P a game is an insult to real games.

  10. Don’t know what you guys talking about but that picture looks crisp! Nice!

  11. Based on this post, you probably won’t love it as much as you love attention. You could try playing it to find out if you want to know.

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