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  1. This mount is way too flexible so the antenna will vibrate during the flight. If it does this at a frequency below ~100Hz the you can't filter it out and the noise will go straight to the motors.

  2. Damn. I didn't realize that would cause an issue with the FC. Figured it would just make the video less reliable

  3. excessive vibration/noise is exactly what the FC is trying to eliminate.

  4. Yeah, I get that. I just didn't realize the VTX antenna wiggle could cause enough to mess with the FC

  5. I have to admit that I was very confused. WHAT'S A VAGINA???

  6. That's what I was wondering about. It might not be able to write the data fast enough, causing data loss and corruption

  7. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. You'll notice a world of difference right away. So much nicer than a gaming console controller

  9. Make sure to "upgrade" the firmware to EdgeTX instead of the default OpenTX. You'll also be able to use the touchscreen because yes, that controller has a touchacreen and it's amazing.

  10. I've never really understood the point of the touchscreen on a TX. I only rarely do anything with mine being using the controls to pilot my quad.

  11. I suppose it would be easier to maintain the dryness than to let it get soggy and try to dry it?

  12. It's so BIG and THICK ... dreeeeeeamy

  13. REAL women just pee during sex. Waiting until the end of it is for chumps. 😂

  14. Looks awesome, and I was surprised to see it was for GWAR. In my head, that is rave makeup, not metal makeup. Thanks for challenging my subconscious stereotypes!

  15. Rowing is not relaxing. He messed up from the start

  16. Yeah fuck the peanut gallery, bro is out here making her feel special. I hope they had a good time together.

  17. Imagine putting all the time and effort designing and printing a drone to suddenly realise that you forgot to leave space for a receiver...

  18. They might be using a whoop board with integrated receiver

  19. I just started doing this. It was driving me crazy that there’s that slight blue in the corners when I auto level using Octoprint. Then I put painters tape under the bed corners. Done it with both PEI sheet and glass bed. So far almost perfectly level beds.

  20. I know what a bed visualizer is. I'm not sure what you meant by slight blue in the corner

  21. There's so much gender swapping or gender combining in fanfic, too

  22. Damn. They suddenly care about dividing the country now that their Mooby is in danger?

  23. You're not wrong. He knew full well what a dick he was. That was all choice.

  24. The less stress on the father part angers me.

  25. I have them all stored in vials in a chest freezer in the basement. They're organized by date, then time, then quality of the act, then quality of the man that did it.

  26. If you aren't collecting sperm samples from every man's 10 closest male friends, then I'm sorry to say your study is flawed.

  27. I wasn't, but I'm going to start

  28. Ten years ago is the future of tomorrow's yesteryear

  29. At least they were wrong on both dates? Consistency is key

  30. I don't believe I can swap drivers on the skr mini v2. Or maybe I'm mistaken... I can't quite recall.

  31. You shouldn't need to recompile, either. Use the firmware.cur file on your sdcard and rename it to firmware.bin, the pop it in a new board if you end up going that route.

  32. Make like a bunch of dwarves and a hobbit evading wargs. Start climbing.

  33. Exactly. My mom got hers when she was 11, my aunt did when she was 9

  34. My 11 year old just recently got hers. But she's a children, so I guess she's not supposed to OFFICIALLY learn about it until she's had 7 years of dealing with it flying blind and/or learning from classmates who have been there already. 🤷‍♀️

  35. And the princess is always the prize to which the prince is entitled, regardless of what she wants, with the exception of Merida (and a couple other more modern ones).

  36. At imitates life imitates art imitates life, repeat ad nauseam.

  37. Everything else I read talks about printed them upside down to reduce supports, print times and reduce material needed. But having done this without much success recently I’ve wondered why I don’t flip them right side up and that way the rough support is on the unseen inside (that gets covered with pads anyway)

  38. Lots of material due to more supports is negligible when you compare it to the loss of material with completed prints that are trash can bound because the supports have disfigured your other surface so badly.

  39. You'll be sanding like Daniel Larusso.

  40. I get your point on this and that it isn’t what you intended, but there is some pragmatically good advice in there. Don’t let losers cum in you - make them wear a condom.

  41. Don't even let them do it anywhere near you. Unfortunately, the part about being good at disguising who they are is often true.

  42. Starting to feel like having any taste for men is automatically bad taste in men.

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