1. I don't knw that all of the events of the Year 3 was in fact those of Year 2!

  2. In Year 4 it was stated multiple times that the members of the Order of Horkos mostly stop believing in their former faction's religion.

  3. I just want to know wtf Chimera is doing.

  4. They said this year is more focused on Horkos since they thrive in conflict. Chimera seems to have been pushed back mostly

  5. From what I can find on Horkos, it seems like he's a minor greek God that punishes people that make false oaths and vows, so I can see his worships going full inquisition on anyone leaving their religion. It can even explain the plague doctor motiff, since the poet Hesiod stated the Horkos was born "to be a plague on those who take false oath".

  6. In FH it was implied that the Warmongers want to punish those who break the "oath of war" aka those who go against what the Order thinks a "warrior" is.

  7. As far I know The Inquisition is from The Servants of the Stake. I thought maybe The Inquisition is fighting Horkos bcuz of Horkos Warden and Horkos Warlord in the trailer. Or it can be that Yinchen and 3 other former Inquisitors are going against the Inquisition bcuz they also killed civilians, and not the culprits of the faith war. Those still have ties to the Inquisition are called Heretics now? Idk.

  8. The Inquisition was formed by the Order of Horkos.

  9. The Heretics come for all factions/covenants and are religious fanatics. They call themselves "Servants of the Stake".

  10. Where is it stated that the Bolthorn/Neferkha story takes place in the long-ago past?

  11. With Bolthorn I was weirded out at first too but it is said that his story plays in the wake of the Cataclysm.

  12. Where, in any official Ubisoft promotion or page, does it say that Bolthorn and Neferkha's story took place "in the wake of the Cataclysm"? I've re-read Bolthorn's story on the Ubisoft page, and I've gone through the wiki page covering him and Neferekha. Neither one of those states that it takes place during the wake of the Cataclysm. And it wouldn't make sense anyway, because everything would've still been in shambles immediately after the Cataclysm. Each faction's homes/lands were utterly ruined, with people just vying for scraps. Bolthorn was a jarl, who had an established clan, village, and throne. This means that many years would have passed in order for an entire clan to reorganize, establish a functioning homestead, etc. Go watch the first story trailer for For Honor, the warriors aren't even wearing their normal attire right after the Cataclysm; they've just scrounged a few things together to closely resemble what they had before. Bolthorn clearly has on fine clothes/armor, and resembles the Raiders we see in present-day Heathmoor.

  13. Here in the trailer description for example it says:

  14. There are no audio books but you can read the short stories of the Hero Skins here:

  15. This isn't the first time a similar idea has been suggested.

  16. It would be more than just name changes. Making it more fair would be needed as well.

  17. Oh yeah, a few of them felt it was very unbecoming of their religion to side with horkos. I still can't for the life of me remember the name of the rebellion leader jorm, though to be fair, I don't remember none of their names. After gryphon came in, ubi just started pretending they don't exist

  18. The Chimera Jorm is called Fjorgvin

  19. Omg no way you’re the person who made that Lewdkeeper video four years ago! I used to watch you!

  20. haha yeah I stopped with meme stuff a long while ago :D

  21. It might symbolize the Star-Maiden Astrea. She is the goddess of Purity, Innocence, Justice and Precision. She is the namesake of the Warmonger Astrea.

  22. I’m uhhh… I gotta be real chief, I am not proud of you. I am deeply concerned for your mental health, your personal hygiene, the absolute state of your living spaces, your lack of or the disintegration of your social life, your dead and neglected dog in the corner of the room, and about how little REM sleep you must’ve gotten in order to get to this point 😭 you must be hallucinating n shit rn lol

  23. He is doing fine. Even went to a concert with his friends in between the gaming sessions and spent time with his gf. He only does these long streams without sleep for the Rep 70 first runs and then goes back to normal.

  24. He can get Rep 70. But he still can't any bitches. Way to go seriously, now go shower you sweaty.

  25. I think the Scribe's Prophecy is actually just referring to previous events, as the stories and myths of yesterday was legit the theme for the year, which weirdly enough only did good for the seasons without the outlander if you ask me. For right now the only one that doesn't math is the whole 'everyone is in cages.' myth but that could be referring to Tyranny before the rebellion of year 4.

  26. As one can see the prophecies have numbers. They are ordered by date. The eclipse (1) happened before the relics were found (2) so the "people caged & in chains" prophecy (3) has yet to occur

  27. Watch this just be the end of the game. Like Y7S1 they just cut the servers and the game stop receiving support.

  28. Y7 will have 2 more heroes in S2 and S4 so i doubt it :)

  29. Either year 7 might be the last year, or year 7 is going to be a "great restart". Something massive happens that causes the Horkos and Chimera to dissolve/become one group while some sort of invader comes in. Could be the Wu Lin empire making another attempt at subjugation?

  30. Probs not the last year because they bring out 2 new heroes. To only be able to play a hero for one month would make no sense.

  31. Oh but doesnt the word shall refer to something that will happen to the future

  32. Yes but 2 of the prophecies have already happened. The 3rd one is the one that is coming now.

  33. Oh, these were written in the past then? I haven't gotten any of these orders yet on PS4 so I don't know about the other prophecies

  34. They all are orders from today. its supposed to be a small "riddle"

  35. Reddit doesn't know the difference between Astronomy and Astrology

  36. But only if the statues etc are colored (cause that is how they actually looked in ancient times)

  37. No lie that's an awesome screenshot. What emote is that Glad doing?

  38. It is edited. The Gladiator was dead and the ragdoll was funny. Cut him and the Shugoki out of different screenshots. Shugo was doing the disco emote

  39. Since launch it is stated in the lore that Ashfeld has lakes and rivers of acid.

  40. it comes around almost once every year, you'll get your time paid in all black eventually

  41. Realistic Dominon has never returned yearly. It was a one time thing.

  42. It definitely wasn’t one time thing, it’s come back multiple times, I didn’t play when it first came out and have the all black bc it came back

  43. Then I must have forgotten. But it definitely did not return yearly. Twice at max. Was definitely not returning in Y4, Y5 or Y6.

  44. Maybe bps would but vortiger was all about redemption and feeling bad about siding with Apollyon he would hate horkos

  45. He always was Horkos. He was with Astrea on the attack on the Honor Games and sent Ravier to find the Celestial Sphere for the Horkos army.

  46. Fr? That’s shitty. His whole thing originally was about redeeming himself

  47. He never wanted to truly redeem himself. Just look at how he came back in his release. Killing a Knight Commander called Badefol and taking Eitrivatnen. Terrorizing people even of his own faction and hanging and impaling their corpses everywhere. He was sent by Astrea to retrieve the Grimoire of Apollyon's alchemist.

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