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  1. I came here to see if h3 was suspended again, because I kept refreshing YouTube and didn’t see any leftovers signs of starting.

  2. Btw I’m not trying to say anything it’s just a funny coincidence i wanted to point out

  3. I thought you were referencing the H3 discussion about “what is a Hawaiian shirt?”.

  4. Just focusing and working on myself, having a job and personal interests like hobbies. Work on developing yourself as an individual and that will interest and attract people to you.

  5. I wonder if Tito Bobby has noticed it, I assume Tito Andrew has, as he is more involve in the production of the show.

  6. The music reminded me of classic indie movies, specifically French ones hahaha

  7. I’ve always liked Jeff, but many times he makes it almost impossible to be on his side. That being said, I would love for him to have a big redeeming arc and actually be friendly with Ethan. Also an actual frenemies podcast with Jeff and Ethan would be great, even if it’s just one ep like with Oliver. Peace and love✌🏾

  8. What do you trust then? Just googling for the right plant?

  9. Yes, before going google what plant you want and fits better for where you want to put it, at least you’d have an idea when your there.

  10. I think the white guy shirt guy that goes off screen at the beginning in the bottom right corner is the one that shot first. And after the robber is down he appears back in camera and rushes to the front door next to the register, probably looking out for an accomplice of the robber.

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