1. The dls have to be getting gas compensation. The amount of gas they are going to use could practically pay for an extra DL 🤣

  2. I call BS on your mileage statement. First of all you get .62 cents per IRS regulations and you’re a gross misconduct employee if you drive extra miles just to make a few bucks. CVS like all corporations are having a hard time finding good employees. Obviously after reading all these posts.

  3. I hate Craig and Austen on the show. But my wife and i listen to pillows and beer, it kind of shows what i feel is the real sides of these guys and not the shit the producers portray on TV.

  4. Pillows and Beers? You listen to that crap? Much better podcasts to listen to than CRUG or Austin

  5. It’s not shaming her, it’s just saying she looks like Mr. Bean. Are you saying Mr Bean is ugly? That’s mean.

  6. Pharmacy is closed cause most medical and insurance companies are closed. I think, but ya it's fucked up.

  7. It’s not. Get your meds a day before or a day after. Simple math for simple people.

  8. The front store 100% should have the day off as well. But do these people not deserve even one guaranteed day off a year? Do they not deserve to be home with their family, especially in the case that they celebrate the holiday. And would you not want a major holiday off?

  9. I have the same question in mind, Aetna Platinum vs Cigna Platnium, they both have the same benefits when I compared, looks like one copied from other. but Cigna is $80 dollars cheaper monthly, I have had Aetna all my life they are good. but never used Cigna, so I need your guidance. I will be based in Dallas and hope they accept in UT health like hospitals.

  10. Omg congrats!!! Do you know how they made that determination so quickly? I also have Aetna. Awesome news!

  11. My unpopular opinion: I find Paige utterly dull, so she was never going to lead the show.

  12. I would probably choose Pete Davidson over most people in the world, and no I will not be doing any self reflection on that.

  13. Okay am I the only one who’s convinced it was never Paige CHOOSING Craig over Andrea? I don’t think Andrea would have actually dated Paige. He was a self proclaimed sophisticated European playboy who is now dating a model… why would he pick Paige… Paige even said herself at the reunion that Andrea was really thinking of Lexi all last summer

  14. Yeah Paige is more Crug’s type. A little trashy and a tad bit classy and a little slutty and a whole lot nutty. A whole lotta drunk but smells like a skunk. Likes the nose pick and in the end selects the dick.

  15. I had to scroll back to add- Craig was, yet again, very disappointing to watch during this scene. “That’s what I’m saying. It’s not a compliment to say she looks like Lindsey” fuck off crug 😒

  16. It’s so weird. I think when he arrived on SH Hannah was an integral part in him being outgoing. She was fun for him and he really was having a good time. I’m noticing now that he’s actually VERY awkward and really doesn’t know how to be around women when they’re not fawning over him. And that’s not a slight to him, I just think ever since Hannah he hasn’t been able to find his own place on these shows. I’m not articulating that properly I don’t think, but I do think he really is a nice guy and may not be for reality tv. He’s not the brightest and just enjoys simple things.

  17. I like him a lot. I think the thing I like most is he is kind. He’s not perfect but has a big heart and he’s very good looking so there’s that. ❤️

  18. Can someone help me understand why Amanda is such a bitch behind Lindsay’s back? Since the early Summer House days I feel like Lindsay has always been nice and cared about Amanda. The way Amanda talks to Lindsay to her face is completely different from the way Amanda talks about Lindsay during her interviews and with her mean girl friends.

  19. Yes, I noticed that too! Amanda seems really lost this season, almost really slow and agrees with whomever is talking shit about someone else. She’s noticeably thin and her hair looks like it’s falling out. I think Amanda is typically very beautiful but no idea why she is afraid of Paige. Paige has changed so much. She used to be so much nicer. Craig has made her a little bitch.

  20. Jason is the hottest guy in Winter House with Luke a close second ❄️🔥

  21. Austin doesn’t like when people move on from him and he has to cause girl drama every single time.

  22. Are we paying attention to Paige sans makeup? They are perfect for each other. She'll look like her mom in short order, wearing Liz Taylor Diamonds perfume, oversize sweaters and jewelry...paying $8 for organic farm stand apples on Long Island.

  23. Paige 100% has huge anxiety in this relationship. Paige seems to me to be a very put together girl most of the time and I’m sure this grosses her out. Ew.

  24. I wouldn’t pay a dime to see either. Honesty, what do these girls contribute to your life? Nothing. You’re making the fame hookers richer.

  25. The EQS from mercedes is their electric car and here's some of the reasons why an Electric car works best for filming:

  26. I bought the 450+ EQS. It doesn’t have the drive pilot and I’d probably never use it anyway!

  27. I just purchased the Mercedes EQS SUV and it’s a game changer. So quiet, luxurious inside and honestly drives like a dream.

  28. The more I hate Craig, which is growing exponentially by the week, the more I find myself liking Paige. What phenomenon is this? I didn’t like Paige before Craig

  29. Same. I’m actually starting to like her out of empathy. I think it’s because I feel sorry for her. She has to sleep with him and call him Baby. If he is like that when people recognize his disgusting behavior on TV could you imagine having to actually sleep with him? Ew.

  30. Out of all the legit things you said, why does his femininity even make the list?

  31. I’ve said multiple times that I shouldn’t have put that in. It’s quite okay for men to be feminine. Some men are. Some men aren’t. I personally don’t find that attractive but some women do. To each their own.

  32. I think you’re maybe a bit too passionate about your hate for him lol. I don’t agree with your comment about his sober femininity but I do agree with everything else you wrote. He has become a disgusting man. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or the money but he has proven that he has a weak character. I was always a fan and in his corner in the early seasons of SC but he is not that man anymore.

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