1. My PS2 library consisting of 50 games sent from 150GB to 100GB. Took forever batch converting everything but worth it.

  2. There is a tool.... I think the name of it is PSXTOOLS, and it has CHDMAN as well as a couple of batch files that allow you to simply drag and drop your images on the open window, go have a beer or two, and come back and they will be done. It is that simple. It also works the other way to go to bin/cue. As I mentioned, I **THINK** that is the name, if not it is something very close to that.

  3. Those are the type of directions I can understand and follow perfectly. Thanks, I'll give that a look

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I've kept putting off getting Sega Saturn to work, this definitely helps.

  5. Typically the ones you see KOC or other coaches/players wearing are only available to the team. They did have limited release ones during the season, but I don't think they'd be the same ones you see the guys on the team wearing

  6. No they definitely wear the publicly sold ones all the time. The one OP is talking about was the second drop from this season.

  7. Oh. The ones I've noticed have been the special team ones. I guess I haven't seen them rock the limited edition ones. KOC should be making a deal to get a cut of these sales

  8. Is there a name for this type of puzzle/game and are there more of them? This is great

  9. Others have said retroid has a 2 week return policy. Not something I've checked, but if you just got yours a week ago it may be worth looking into?

  10. Pull up the menu (I think select + R3 -- not 100% sure though). When the menu pulls up there should be an option that says "Change disc"

  11. In a game hit the steam menu --> controller settings --> "?" in the corner (or something like that- don't have my deck on me at the moment). The screen is a part of a guide for setting up your controls.

  12. Im not totally unskilled with android emulation, or atleast ive emulated a lot of stuff on my phone so I think Im sorta knoledgable tho lol. Thanks for the suggestion! retroid 3 is on preorder rn, is it out or is it just on backorder

  13. I have both of these devices. Both can play PS1 really well. RP2+ handles N64 and Dreamcast a little better, but 353p can do some of the less intense games.

  14. Retroid pocket 3 might also be a good choice. I haven't used it but it seems like it has much better ergonomics and good performance

  15. JJ didn't play the first few games, darrisaw missed a lot of time, KJ took a year to develop, Cleveland took a couple years to develop, etc etc etc etc

  16. AYN currently makes an Android handheld called the Odin, and is releasing a windows one called the

  17. I wish I could switch between JELOS and Android without removing the card. I'm told it's a hardware limitation unfortunately

  18. Taki doesn't really share anything about the Loki. Starts talking about loki around 32:30 (is talking a little bit about Odin before that).

  19. thanks, clearly its not worth listening to. have an updoot.

  20. I mean it was kinda interesting hearing about the retroid 3 manufacturing issues, and just the manufacturing challenges in general of making these handhelds, i was just skimming for Loki content but then got sucked in ha. But yeah in terms of just Loki news, nothing really unless I missed something but I listened to basically the whole thing

  21. Now that we know we have the rams actual secret weapon - Vikings to Superbowl confirmed?

  22. If we blow out the pack on Sunday. Strap in cause the next 7 years might be wild

  23. That's kinda weird that your phone auto-corrected "when" and replaced it with "if"

  24. RP2+ lower dpad can get uncomfortable for longer play sessions. If GBA is your only system I'd say RP2+ probably isn't the best choice just due to ergonomics

  25. Taki breaks down the difference in power consumption and battery life with the new screen in

  26. Has Ayn acknowledged this as an issue? Or has anyone heard anything from customer service? Just wondering if there is going to be any kind of solution or if people are just out of luck

  27. I have the Nintendo NES controllers made for switch, and can't connect them to android. I don't have an Odin (yet), but have tried connecting them to my phone and a retroid pocket 2+. Neither device would even recognize the controllers as an option to pair to. I tried googling and couldn't find a solution or verification that they indeed are able to connect to android. So I'm not sure the official Nintendo controllers are able to connect to android. Joy cons seem to be able to, but haven't had luck with the NES style ones at least

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