1. Which sorts of jobs would you recommend? It's been really stressful trying to build the confidence to actually try and apply for any jobs like this and I feel like I barely know where to start even though I'm nearly 32 years old. I've worked so many jobs but it's always such hell and I can never help but say I have ADHD since it's such a big part of my life, and I just know it's a bad idea.

  2. My brother has ADHD, pretty severe, and he owns a web development business. I own a tshirt printing company, and I substitute teach. My husband (also ADHD) is in construction sales (he chats with people all day, but also gets to climb on roofs and stuff to stay active)

  3. TL;DR: No degree, love video games and animals. Love copy editing for some reason. Like project management but don't know where to do it.

  4. I definitely think you gotta get into web development then. Maybe start small with projects on something like fivvr. And then as you get good reviews it will boost your confidence and get you more jobs!

  5. Every time I sub in older classrooms, I have at least one student ask if I know the plan if there was a shooting. I always say yes, to ease their anxiety/ but honestly, i haven’t had any training on what to do. It’s a huge fear of mine. I mean, I went to school in America, I know to barricade the doors and hide, but beyond that, I’m clueless.

  6. At the risk of sounding like one of those “just enjoy it” people who everyone wants to punch in the face… I wish I had known it doesn’t last forever. To soak it all in. Not sweat the small stuff. It doesn’t matter what you do, eventually baby will sleep through the night, so toss the books out the window and do it however works best for your family.

  7. All of my sub plans are bad. Lol most teachers are writing them while they are Ill, so I don’t think it’s that surprising there would be typos and spelling issues.

  8. Schools districts don't use the term or diagnosis "dyslexia", but they are required by law provide special education services for a learning disability in reading, which is functionally the exact same thing. If you are concerned about your child's progress, in writing outline your concerns and request a special education evaluation. They will first try a couple interventions first before doing the evaluation. If your student meets criteria for special education after the eval, they will be able to receive specialized instruction to address any learning disability, if appropriate. This will not cost you any money.

  9. Thank you so much! She already has an IEP for speech therapy, so I ask her teacher for the evaluation or would I email the lady who wrote up her original IEP?

  10. Because she already has an IEP, they actually should provide SPED services for all of her educational needs, even if they fall outside the area of her initial diagnosis (speech, in this case). I would bring your concerns, presumably lack of progress with her reading, first to her case manager and ask for an IEP meeting to discuss adding reading instruction services to her IEP. If the IEP team agrees she needs it, it can just be added to her IEP without any need for another evaluation. When they do her next 3 year re-evaluation, I would ask them to do testing for a learning disability. It should not prevent her from getting the correct services in the meantime, but it should be documented eventually. If you aren't getting sufficient responses from your districts SPED team, you can always contact an advocacy organization like PACER, and they will help.

  11. Cash, all sales final. The buyer will understand that doing business with a stranger for used goods, it's going to be a cash sale. $10K is a lot of money for someone to hand over, but if he's had the opportunity to test it thoroughly, it shouldn't be a problem. Used farm equipment of a similar price, for example, is bought and sold for cash all the time. (Cash is pretty much the only way to pay, as farmers as a rule don't have Zelle or whatever.)

  12. Ok thank you!! this was my plan! He seems like a very nice guy, lives just one city over, but it’s a lot of cash, and I would hate to have something go wrong! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something important!

  13. How is the buyer paying? Are you offering any kind of warranty? Do you have a sales agreement, contract or receipt you are giving?

  14. He’s paying in cash. But no it’s past it’s warranty, and I didn’t even think to have a contract, I’m no lawyer so I’m not sure what to put in it

  15. I mean, it’s a business… name one business that’s not trying to make money lol

  16. Take them shopping. Would you want to pack up your life every few days and go back and forth? Waking up and taking a split second to figure out where you are? Having the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite new outfit and realizing “oh crap it’s actually at my other house”?

  17. I said “drop it” and then threw the ball. And he liked it. Lol, Idk it was very easy to teach naturally.

  18. Idk you said they need access to sight of the area, and I’m just saying they occasionally have access to sight of the area, and that doesn’t help.

  19. This almost certainly has nothing to do with voltage - at least not short if a lethal shock - or a weak spot.

  20. I would talk to her, tell her “hey I just wanted to talk with you about your dog, I’ve noticed he keeps leaving your yard, and after the bite that one time, I’m uncomfortable even letting my kids play in my yard. Can you make sure ___ doesn’t leave the yard anymore before someone gets hurt?” but definitely have one good neighborly talk before calling animal control.

  21. I sub 1-2 days per week. Probably depends on the school district, but I literally get a text that’s says “can you work ____ today” and I say yes or no. They ask every day, I say yes whenever I can.

  22. Where will you get the better education? If you are average at a big school, unfortunately, basketball will likely not be your career, so you pick the school that gives you the better education.

  23. Is a prep school different than a run of the mill independent school? I always just assumed it’s another word for non-religious private school.

  24. The only way I can stay interested is playing with genetics… I try to get as close of relatives as I can to mate (mods help, I’ve had siblings reproduce this way) and see how ugly the sim turns out. And I keep mating with family, and now I’ve gotten like 10 generations deep of inbreeding and I love it

  25. I’m home all day, and honestly, they sleep for the vast majority of the day. Sounds like you give him a good life when you are home, and he’s getting lots of exercise, I don’t really see an issue. is it ideal? No. But does he have a horrible life? It doesn’t sound like it.

  26. I sub at just one school (my kids school) and I love it, I know almost every kid at the school now, and I’ve subbed in almost every position. Front desk, I can do it. Lunch lady, I can do that. Lead teacher, no problem. Special Ed para, done!

  27. I got zero training. But my school almost always has an assistant teacher and a special Ed para in the classroom with you, which makes it way easier!

  28. Junie b jones. Captain underpants. Magic treehouse. Boxcar children (which I recently reread with my kids, and thought it was stupid, not sure why I liked it as a kid). holes. Bud not buddy.

  29. Bro, we’re talking about dogs, which have different levels of comprehension and emotion than humans do.

  30. I think your point proves the comment before. They don’t understand what’s happening, they just see people on top of each other, squeaky (possibly hurting their ears) bed, moaning, etc… that could be very scary for anyone who doesn’t comprehend or have the emotional capabilities as humans… I definitely think dog is scared and not “depressed”.

  31. I make a club, have a restriction on only having teens in the club, it will then show you all of the teens in the area, click a few. Call a club meeting. Make friends!

  32. My large breed puppy is 90lbs and 8months old, and these puberty months are ROUGH. He was the perfect puppy, he potty trained so quickly, never chewed anything up, trained so easily…. Now he’s like “fuck you guys and all your rules! I’ll do as I please now that I’m as big as you’ll

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