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  1. Funny how you don’t even include George Karlaftis cause of how non of a threat he is

  2. George Karlaftis is in it at 0:58.

  3. No spell. No trap. Only monster.

  4. It’s funny how this acquisition is the one that gets so much attention and not others. Sony and epic have been doing nothing but exclusives and paying to have them off other platforms.

  5. It is by far the biggest gaming acquisition ever. Why is it funny that this is the one? It makes total sense that this would be the one.

  6. I:P. I play a lot of Link decks. Apollousa as a second choice.

  7. Nahh. Put em in boxing gloves after the postseason and make em fight for it.

  8. This has to be a totally fair and unbiased contest.

  9. If a dispassionate judge were to simply look at these two photographs, one would see that Allen is roughly twice the size of Mahomes and is therefore roughly twice as good.

  10. Fair point. But, If you look closely at this picture, Josh Allen does not even have a football with him. Talk about being unprepared to play a game.

  11. Why do we keep trying to have Moore return punts? Use Hardman please.

  12. I don't think the too short timer is made for competitive people

  13. Too short? I play nothing but combo and spam decks and the time limit doesn't EVER come into play for me. Not even close most of the time.

  14. Preach. Fenton is inconsistent and has proven to act like a total child.

  15. A CB room full of Sneed clones... Damn. That'd be nice.

  16. Personally just like the archetype she's a part of. (Dogmatika, specifically).

  17. How many decks can actually function in a link event though? I think there are like 4 or 5 of them at most? This probably will have much less variety than the previous event

  18. I only had to remove 3 ED monsters (2 XYZ, 1 Synchro) and 1 spell (Kaiju Slumber) to fit the event banlist with my Crusadia deck.

  19. So, I love Crusadias, but also kinda think it's pretty complete as is. That said, I want a Crusadia that can special itself, so you can still play if your normal summon is outed. I also made an "upgraded" link version of the monster, like how Maximus becomes Equimax... The boss is just a big boi who gets a big number, is hard to out if summoned right, and can recur materials. (I see this being good with World Crown, for example).

  20. Special teams did all they could to lose us that game, my lord.

  21. Special teams going to be today's issue.

  22. The fact you're getting downvoted for this while the other guy is getting upvoted tells you a lot about this reddit's community.

  23. Dude didn't check the price and came here to whine about that.

  24. I don't often resolve it, it always baits a hand trap though...

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