1. Ah I tried those and no luck. I assume they only work at certain times?

  2. Yes, random events pop every 20 minutes (anywhere on the map) but the titan event only happens if somebody nukes a nearby location (discovered by talking to one of the NPCs at NWOT).

  3. I'm sorry but he essentially left us in the sh*t. If he's that bothered about who is fired or not, he shouldn't have stepped down

  4. At this point i follow this sub for the drama, i have zero hope for this """""""game""""""

  5. Time to move on I think. Unfortunately all interest I have with this game has been diminished. Too many chances with no clue as to what’s happening. Alarm bells all over the place, just can’t trust them now.

  6. Or pay someone off for the copyright. Rookie move not securing it before announcing.

  7. True their process is very unnatural from other game companies. But even so that doesn't stop people from wanting to check out the game. Not having a date for a video is sad yes but it's not like they have been planning on this video forever. They also have to have the video approved by the publisher then talk to people like IGN for a posting date and what not. We know it's between now and feb 3rd.

  8. Re the IGN thing, can't they just post it to YT like their other videos? Then if it's any good, IGN will pick it up

  9. From someone who plays SC.. it's a complete scam but at least you know what you have and what you can actually play

  10. It wouldn’t call it a scam. I said what I said as a joke. SC is great. Slow development but it’s great. Even now in its current patch it’s great. What’s not to love

  11. The countless lies. The constant selling of concept ships with an (over) 10 year backlog for the ones they've already sold? Heck, even CR said 3.18 would be out mid last year.. It's almost Feb and they announce 3.17.5. The base game is good, that's why it's not like this but the whole thing is essentially a pyramid scheme.

  12. It’s not hard to make false promises. I, like everyone here want to be blown away with a day z / division / last of us MMO. But we’re just going to have to see after the future delays

  13. Tell me this? If the concept is so popular (it obviously is) why has a proper studio not taken it up and done something similar? It's strange

  14. Ah I just hope there’s some fun to be had with it, I’m a sucker for these types of games and This one by far looks the best but I’m not getting my hopes up

  15. To be fair it takes a long time to cut and edit "raw" footage together /s

  16. Oof, I hadn't even considered that. If it's raw gameplay, the only thing that would be delaying it is that raw gameplay doesn't look good. Less than two months from the alleged release date. Yikes.

  17. Yep, they're either editing the footage (so it's not raw) or they're way behind on the game. If it was coming out in March it would be final bug squashing this close to release. Once again it shows something is up

  18. Lawrence would be my dream but it ain't happening. I agree though. It's time. Problem is with the 16th pick, we aint getting a franchise QB unless we can trade up. I think they'll try and get Rodgers or even just give Trask a season.

  19. Why is it taking so long to get "raw" footage together? Surely it doesn't need any editing etc.. seeing as it's you know.. raw

  20. Brady is all about breaking records. He’s coming back 100%

  21. So Trent Dilfer will remain as the Buccaneer QB with the most wins for us

  22. Feeling super disenfranchised with SC right now. We were told we'd have 3.18 last year. Was looking forward to putting in some time over the Christmas break when there's actually time to play for me. That's long gone. Kinda feel like I don't even care when it comes out anymore

  23. I don't have a tradition but love that! Great fun thing to do! :feels_good_man:

  24. Don't get my hopes up lol. Infinity on High is their greatest album imo. NGL I cried a little when I finally got to see them live last year.. 32 year old male haha.

  25. How in this day and age are we still letting people use fireworks? Especially at residential properties.

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