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  1. Question: did you just finish a run of progesterone?? Because that will most certainly cause this - especially if you haven’t had a period in a long time. I’ve been there.. bleeding through everything with cramps that had me doubled over. First ER said the same as you.. friend was driving me home and I straight passed out; he literally drove me across the town, with 911 on the line, and screamed at the ER staff. This isn’t normal. If it’s that bad, you need to be admitted.

  2. Did they tell you what exactly was happening to your body to cause this?

  3. It did something to my hormones and caused me to hemorrhage. Was thrown on birth control to stop it, but it took weeks to actually stop - months to get back to “normal”

  4. It can be.. what it’s really saying is that your pancreas isn’t working right, so get it checked out.

  5. Good luck. Remember to tell a sober friend to help you out. Drinks water. And don’t go anywhere.

  6. I am so so sorry for that little girl. I hope all goes well and send her all the positive vibes!

  7. To add: if she’s coming in unannounced, it’s illegal, and in some cases, you can sue her for your rent back. My advice: get some of the cameras from Walmart - they’re like $20 and you download a free app. That way you can prove her entering without permission.

  8. ‘Tis no deer.. ‘Tis a moose (female).. and they’ll fuck you, your car, your mom, and your 8th grade date to the dance up. Every single time.

  9. I’d consult a lawyer about lease termination. A domicile (rented) has to have certain things - running water is on that list. Your landlord is a slumlord and that can get you out of your lease.

  10. If whatever it is you cut y’all’s time short for wasn’t any emergency along the lines of life and death, you chose that shit over her. That hurts. A lot. So, she did the same back to you and now you’re crying about it?? For real, y’all ain’t kids anymore.

  11. Well. Without going into too much detail I can tell you there were kids involved and it had to be resolved. It's normally me they call when things go wrong.

  12. The only way to not be too weak to exercise is to… exercise. You do what you can and build on that progress.

  13. I act like the professional fuck up that I am and encourage others to not veer into my lane.

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