1. I've had to do this for some private courier services when sending items internationally.

  2. Loctite sells CA glue in lots of different speeds, viscosity and hardness. Super glue is a popular name for the stuff, bit decide what you need and search for it. Start at Loctite.com

  3. Screw loctite! If you want the daddy of CA glue that comes in different viscosities, drying times AND comes in a decent sized bottle, you want the stuff that Ever Build makes!

  4. You claiming to be autistic is not a seller's problem. You could be a blind paraplegic if you wanted, a seller does not have access to information regarding a person or any disabilities they may have. There are a number of people on this platform with a wide range of issues that produce some stunning work.

  5. I'd buy it, depending on price. Although, i'd get rid of the noctuas.

  6. Noctuas aren't good fans for 3D printers, they don't have a high CFM, downvote me all you like. Noctuas are shit for printers. Fight me.

  7. I've heard that noctuas aren't very good for 3d printing, have you found a good silent alternative? I want to upgrade my fans, but don't trust the chinesium fans that claim to be silent on Amazon.

  8. I run orion fans in my machines, they're great and actually move air compared to a noctua. If my hotend wasn't using a blower fan, you'd never notice that the machine was on.

  9. That colour scheme reminds me of Thunderbird 2!

  10. Ender 5 plus. I’ve been having good results with mine for the past year and a half.

  11. I you're feeling brave and trust your build plate's adhesion, you can also print helmets upside down to further save time and filament.

  12. Dang! I might have to try this on my next bucket.

  13. Takes a little bit of post processing where the support material touches the dome, which is why it's angled back onto the crown of the helmet to keep the area as small as possible. Nothing a good flat file can't sort out before you hit it with sandpaper though.

  14. Zoominfo is essentially a datamining company that sells access to it's B2B database for people to "grow their business" by spamming the people who's information is held on that dataset.

  15. The overall look of this show is definitely the most generic and, for lack of a better word, poo

  16. Red Dwarf won a lot of awards in it's time, including four Emmy's. First series began in 1988 and the final episode - "the promised land" aired in 2020. It was anything but generic, or poo.

  17. The print will probably be ok, but the filament around the spool holder on the right causes much more anxiety for me...why would you do that!?!??

  18. Try tightening a live electrical connection with a steel bit and see what happens.

  19. Ex electrician here. Metal bits are fine as long as a handle is sufficiently insulated. Electricians tools are regularly made of metal and are used on LV and HV(low voltage/high voltage). However, the first priority should always be to isolate the incoming supply. If you plan on tightening a connection whilst live, you're either a specialist or a fool.

  20. I know it isn't real but... I'd feel so uncomfortable with that in a room with me. Damn aliens was creepy for it's time.

  21. I made the Agisis Face hugger that's on thingiverse at 1:1 scale. Fully articulated model that's all painted up. The dogs are terrified of it.

  22. My sister is a huge Aliens fan, so sent her a pic of the facehugger and told her I would make it for her for her birthday. She replied, "no way am I having that in my house." She decorates her Christmas tree with Alien action figures! Thought she would want one for sure.

  23. But, if you spread it's little (ok,maybe not so little) legs out, it would make the perfect tree topper!

  24. I checked on a separate device if I can place the order as a guest. I can! It asks to manually type in all the info. And the email. Twice! “Email, repeat email”. So, there’s no way there’s a typo. They repeated my email twice. What is it? Using a stolen credit card trying to tie the order to a stranger’s account?

  25. Yeah, it looks like it does… I didn’t “finish” the purchase cause I was just testing. But it looks like you can manually type in the info and shop without an account.

  26. Is it me, or has the dog gotten smaller since around 2 years ago?

  27. But also playing around with visor colors I'm kinda leaning toward traditional black or black chrome, my buddy insists I should do irradecent gold.

  28. Gold sounds pretty cool! You'd probably be looking at tinting a clear visor or getting a gold motorbike style visor for the coloured effect for that look.

  29. "Your comment will affect other users badly" - No, it won't.

  30. Can I edit these two settings just for the supports?

  31. You can edit support settings in a similar way as the model settings. There are a LOT of things you can play around with.

  32. Are you reeeeeallly sure that NFT is the way you want to do this?

  33. There's a reddit user called bigbore729 who had the profits from his model designs stolen by cults, there was a big bit of reddit drama over it. One of the owners of cults came onto reddit and rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with his attitude. I've not used cults ever since, not even for free models.

  34. In fairness, the model creators aren't in any way to blame, they're just regular people trying to make some money from designing cool stuff for us all. The cults ethos though is trash and the people who own and run the site are disgusting. I think any comment linking that site on a few 3D printing subreddits get's nuked by the automods. Possibly even this sub.

  35. Mysterymakers is another great one, has a great patreon too.

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