1. This is truly heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹 I wish he knew how much we all loved him. He will be greatly missed. I hope Allison and his kids will be okay 🥺

  2. Are you in CA? I am so I feel like you’d have to be in SoCal to get lower than the $15

  3. Any idea how many tickets we will be able to buy?

  4. Managed to get through the ticketmaster queue, pregistered for three dates and got to the confirmation screen. I didn't get a confirmation email, though. Did anyone else not get theirs?

  5. Wow, how heartbreaking. Now Sac and Colesore will probably make that move to Alabama like they’ve always wanted 😠

  6. Omg your dog looks just like mine! My pup is a super mutt so it’s really rare when I see another dog looks just like her. Did you ever get yours dna tested?

  7. I get the feeling he’s a very good human being, also. It seems like everything truly loved working with him.

  8. I miss watching him as the performer too. He really has that star quality in his dancing! But I’m happy to see him thrive as a choreographer

  9. Okay we NEED someone on this sub that went to one of the studio shows this season. I have so many questions. Like for one, how do all of these random children get to go?!

  10. Idk but I feel like essence doesn’t get low properly??? Which is a problem for a hip hopper 😬

  11. YES! I went with a Friday because the Friday package was much better for our budget and we couldn’t hit the minimum guest limit for a Saturday.

  12. Keaton and Carter killed it. Beau is getting eliminated.

  13. Realizing that some of you all were lucky to not be spoiled prior to this episode.

  14. These bottom two girls are honestly BS. Essence has clearly overstayed her welcome.

  15. Okay, I'm loving this tension! lol 🐈🐈‍⬛😾

  16. Yep same here(ps4), but this happened before apparently and only on windows and ps4, and right now there's probably too many people trying to get the skin in Fortnite lol, not much you can do about it except wait

  17. The very worst part about the studio vote is everything is based on that SOLE night instead of their entire journey. We as viewers can factor in everything in who we decide to vote out but all they have is that one dance (which can be affected heavily by choreographer)

  18. I worry it’s just a contest of who can bring the most friends and family to the show taping :/

  19. Friends and family can’t vote and neither can press or choreographers or employees. When I see how small that crowd is and how many people aren’t allowed to vote, I’m like damn like 20 people are deciding this… 😭

  20. Last comment but can’t say enough how far Alexis’s experience is of everyone (at least that I know of) and its obvious when she dances, shes only 21 but shes done DWTS Tour, World of Dance, Dereks residency, America’s Got Talent, and was the LEAD dancer in Maks & Vals tour. Really, the only thing left for her is becoming a DWTS pro

  21. How about Seven? Pretty name for a girl….or a boy. It has cachet up the yingyang!

  22. Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that the baby was not born on a Sunday tho?

  23. Sac looks like a hillbilly in this thumbnail and colon has the face of: “I have 4 kids and I’m only 26! What did I do!!!1 HELP!!!1”

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