1. I just checked out your channel, and, I have to say, it's a complete and utter mess. You are just making anything and seeing what sticks. People who watch motivational videos don't (necessarily) watch guitar videos or fitness videos. Just choose what you enjoy making the most and keep making that.

  2. Yes. The shorts algo works differently: it pushes your video to as many people as possible in 24 hours. Regular videos are more likely to build up views over time.

  3. I can't recommend tracks unless I know what you like. There's a massive variety

  4. United States, and oddly enough I didn't tell the school they asked me first lol

  5. I mean the vice principle guy said he would give them a talking to

  6. Yeah, make a separate channel if you really want to separate them. If the short channel blows up you could bring some traffic to the other channel too.

  7. People stopped giving the separate channel advice months ago. The algorithms are separate, but, as of a few months ago, they are connected, so someone who watches your shorts will now be recommended your long videos.

  8. In my experience, I have only had one comment that was actually mean, and a couple of others that might have been a bit rude. I have had hundreds more comments that have been wonderful. I don't know if it will be the same for you, but that means my comments have been over 99% positive.

  9. If you are talking about channels than JoBlo and movieclips, those are corporate channels owned by media companies. They show clips and trailers bought and sold from the studios directly

  10. I mean as like there is a long form video for example a podcast, they have a second channel when they cut the full video in 20 pcs as its 3 hours long and post 10 min videos ( parts of the long form video ) sounds just like the reused content policy but all big podcast channels do it

  11. Ok, so you mean when podcasts include clips? How long are the clips on average?

  12. I think see "The Storks" (the white birds near the angels above), "The Red Shoes" (right next to the boy and the woman), "The Fir Tree" (on the other side of the said boy and woman), "The Tinderbox" (where those glowing yellow eyes are) "The Little Match Girl" (right next to "The Tinderbox"), "The Shepherdess And The Chimney Sweep" (the pair on Andersen's desk with the guy having a ladder), "The Rose Elf" (the little guy in the red hat right below "The Shepherdess And The Chimney Sweep"), "The Shadow" (the bowing figure right below that street light), "The Little Mermaid" (next to "Tinderbox" and "Little Match Girl").

  13. I zoomed in on the birds and they look like swans, so it must be representing the Wild Swans instead. I think you got the rest right though.

  14. I'm a big fan of Andersen, so if I didn't know about Disney and their remakes, I would guess that the latter is a more accurate attempt to adapt the original tale based on the tone. However, as I know that it is no way their intention, I won't watch it. I don't dislike the adaptational changes, but I'm irritated by people's assumptions about the original (i.e. that she dies at the end, which is clearly not what happened).

  15. Yes! Absolutely! They run on different algorithms, but it definitely needs to be the same kind of content. People only want one topic from one channel.

  16. According to YouTube, neither are. They were worth more once upon a time, but not anymore. I just use VidIQ to copy tags from relevant videos, so that only takes a couple of minutes. It's good to just fill it in for the sake of it. i think they might be worth more for shorts.

  17. I hadn’t heard of vidiq before but just looked it up. Do you think it’s worth it?

  18. The free version is, yeah. It's been around for about 10 years, so a load of their SEO tools aren't very useful anymore, but they do keep making new ones. It's not worth the paid version unless you're a professional or something, and I'm saying that as someone with an affiliate link!

  19. I'd literally have to rewatch them back to back. Most of it would be really close to me (the ones I haven't seen are Brave, The Good Dinosaur and Onward, which I know are ones that are considered bad-mid, so it doesn't help!)

  20. Mine is pretty much the same as yours, except I find most of my clips whilst editing. It does slow down the process, but I don't realise half the things I need until then! I'll check out your channel.

  21. I just checked out your channel, and I think your variety is the problem. Your shorts are totally random fun facts, most of your long form as ambient and relaxing sounds, and then you did a hard pivot to just making wellness and psychology content for the past month. There's some crossover in appeal with the latter 2, but that doesn't guarantee that any, let alone all of your viewers are interested in the same type of content. Besides, people hate TTS. It makes me think that the script is AI generated too and therefore worthless.

  22. Just checked out your channel page. It looks like you're doing fine to me. The problem is that your most popular videos are the renovation videos and, whilst there's certainly going to be some crossover appeal, there'll always be some who prefer one type of video and not the other. Obviously you can't really keep making renovation videos now that it's finished, but I suppose that you can make van life content like "10 things that surprised me about van life" or something so that you can try and appeal to that same audience.

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