1. There should be. On windows you can do it in reg edit. There is a sessions folder. You'd think there is a MAC equivalent .

  2. It is marked as age restricted. Make sure that you're logged in on the app and it should work. It did for me! :) Good luck

  3. Hi. It is literally any youtube channel that has shorts. It simply doesn't down the live or shorts. I'm sorry if this is addressed elsewhere by now. Is this something the devs are working on? Thx!!

  4. Hey friend. This video is age restricted. If you aren't currently logged in on 4k with your youtube info, you need to do that to get the video. :) Good luck

  5. I know that I complain when things don't work and I acknowledge that it must be challenging for your team to keep up with changes. Thanks to the devs and teams.

  6. I'm having this problem too. Is it a known issue? If so I won't bug support with a duplicate ticket for a known issue.

  7. the software is just horrible right now. Probably a YT change that is causing it.

  8. Mine has been broken on several computers. I get the "an unknown error has occurred" and participation is needed messages. I can log in and use the instagram account with no issue... so it seems to be a 4k problem. SO many bugs with this software.

  9. Like i said, i update one or twice a day, if twice its atleast 7 or 8 hours between updates. I never had a problem unless i update too soon after the first one and if i do that 1 or 2 days in a row then i have to unlock my account and reset my password.

  10. I'm glad that it's working out for you! Mine gives me that option but does not restore when I try.

  11. Which option do you use? the SMS? if you dont get an SMS use another phone number. I had to do it once when i was to agressive with updating.

  12. I don't plan to use a legit phone number for it. I may spin up a virtual number in the future but I really don't expect different results... Who knows... Maybe!

  13. Please provide a link to download a previous stable version of 4k video Downloader. I have another thread and a ticket created. Thanks!

  14. Yeah, I've about given up on their buggy software recently. Totally annoyed that we have so many issues... Awesome software when it works.

  15. You're probably right. You are just trying to point me in the direction of people who can help.

  16. Thanks for working on it! We probably won't get the in app notifications due to it... crashing 😜

  17. I really don't care. I just care that I pay for something and expect it to be reliable. I don't need attitude. 😁

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